How to use One Step Update to download transactions from Capital One credit card account? (CC-555 error)

Until about five days ago, One Step Update worked just fine in downloading transactions from my Capital One credit card.  Now I get error message CC-555, indicating that Quicken believes that Capital One's servers are denying access to Quicken.

Capital One tech support says they've made no change to their software, so they suggest contacting Intuit.  They think Intuit has made a software change.  They've heard the problem from other cardholders who use Quicken.

Note that I can visit the Capital One website and can successfully download the transactions in QXF format.  But I want One Step Update to work, since this is only one of about 20 diffferent accounts.

I have already tried the standard trick of deactivating One Step Update for the Capital One account, and then tried to reactivate it.  No luck.  Same error message.

Anyone else having this problem?  

Intuit, if you are listening, have you reached out to Capital One's tech people?


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This issue is not due to a bug.  Support staff on both sides (CapOne & Quicken) may fail to understand what DDoS is, and make a statement that's not accurate.  Distributed Denial of Service attempts to make systems unavailable to users by keeping them too busy to handle other requests - basically, they flood the servers with traffic.  This is not a bug, and it's not a hack or virus.  A large number of US financial institutions have been the target of these DDoS attacks in recent weeks/months.

Capital One has requested we stop aggregation while these server issues get sorted out.  Server teams from both sides (Intuit & Capital One) are working together to get the service back on for our mutual customers.

We have posted a Containment article on the Quicken Support site - - where you can sign up for an email notification when the temporary block has been lifted.

Until then you will continue to receive CC-555 (Quicken Windows) or Error 155 (Quicken Essentials Mac) advising that the FI is blocking our access.
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Quicken Tamara , Quicken Beta Manager
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