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How can I open Home Inventory on Windows 7?

If I can't use it with Win 7, how can I print it on Windows XP?

    Take a look at this link.

    Just to cover all the bases, Quicken has another link "Quicken Home Inventory Manager for Windows System Requirements," in which they state that Home Inventory Manager is not compatible with Windows 7.

    Well, I've been running Windows 7 Ultimate for going on two months now and Home Inventory Manager is working just fine, so it would appear that the left hand at Quicken is not talking to the right hand.  I'm going to bring this to their attention and hopefully will post back in a day or so with some clarification.

    As to your question of printing the information in your version of Home Inventory Manager, open a report and look at the top middle of the dialog box.  You will see a "Print" button.

    A note of caution: before you do anything with your Quicken Home Inventory Manager data file, BACK IT UP.

      The Quicken Development Team is looking into this issue.  Stand by.

      In the mean time, you might let us know whether you are using the Stand alone version or the integrated version of Home Inventory Manager.
      • After installing Windows 7 I reinstalled Quicken 2010.  When I was using vista and downloaded QHI it was automatically integrated into Quicken.  This time, it downloaded as a stand-alone program.  When are they going to fix this?
      Now if your using the stand alone version then it most likely will not work.
      See System Requirements at

      It might work if you have Windows 7 Pro with the Virtual XP installed on it. But no guaranties.
        If you are trying to install the stand alone version QHIM then you should contact support about installing it on a Windows 7.
        Here is the link

        You might try to install it by having the exe file "Compatible with Windows XP".
        Try also copying the CD or if you have the QHIM download on your computer and make that also compatible and then try to install it.

        Also see you are trying to install the embedded version.
        • I'm up and running just fine now.  Thanks to all of you who offered a solution.
        • It would help others if you would post how you solved your problem.
        • j1747 is correct--I should follow up on how my problem was solved.  I used the link provided by 2nd CAG:

          I had to create a desktop icon to open Inventory.  It is not available on the New Worth/Tools drop-down menu.  The Organizer is, however.  Interesting.

          I had previously only used the other link mentioned which said Home Inventory wasn't compatible with Win 7.   

          Again, my thanks.
        • I am using Win 7 64 bit. Home inventory was part of Quicken 2011. Worked just fine for 6 months then suddenly I could no longer open it. Emergency Records Organizer works OK. Can access the Home Inventory if I start the computer in Safe Mode. That is not a solution. I need this fixed. Have been using Inventory as part of Quicken for many years. Not compatible with Windows 7 is no excuse either. Very irritated. Inventory has been a feature of Quicken for many years and I'm sure there are many customers who use it. Most have probably not upgraded to Win 7 yet and don't realize the programs limitations. I have also had several other problems with this version of Quicken. None have been resolved. Maybe time to move on to better quality program.

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