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Today we launched Quicken 2015 for Mac.  It has a new user experience designed to look at home in Apple's new operating system Yosemite, richer investment capabilities and the ability to sync cash and credit accounts with the Quicken Mobile products.  Check out our new website at: http://www.quicken.com/mac.  In my opinion, it's a really great upgrade for Quicken Essentials users but may still not include the feature set that Quicken 2007 and/or Quicken Windows users need.  Check out our comparison chart at the new Quicken.com/mac site http://www.quicken.com/mac/compare and vote for the features you need.  Additional product features and capabilities are expected to be released throughout the year to continuously improve the feature set. All of these new features will be free to Quicken 2015 customers for the first year.  These additional features and capabilities would be offered only when and if made available by Intuit.  

I've said this in previous forums but it never hurts to continue to highlight our plan going forward.

1) Quicken 2007 is based on an old code base and will not be updated any more.

2) We rewrote Quicken Mac from scratch built on top the latest Mac technologies and the first version of this was Quicken Essentials.  It takes time to add back all of the features that it took 25+ years to build.  

3) Quicken Mac 2015 is built on top of the great Quicken Essentials software foundation.  This is the code base we'll continue to work on.  Adding Investments and mobile sync were the hardest features to add so I'm hoping we can accelerate the addition of other new features.

4) The plan is to continue to update the product through out the year providing free updates to Quicken 2015 customers for the first year with more and more features that Quicken 2007 and Windows users request based on what our beta community asked for but also how people vote on the new Quicken.com/mac website.  We cannot provide a list of specific features or a time frame for when these enhancements will be added.  

5) Our hope is that Quicken 2007 users and Mac users who are currently using Quicken Windows will check back periodically to see what features we have added and then consider whether Quicken 2015 is the right product for them or not.  

6) Long term it is our goal to provide a Quicken Mac product that a large majority of Quicken 2007 users will be excited to switch too.  Until that time, Quicken 2007 for Lion will continue to be available to customers.

I want to thank the thousands of beta testers that worked with us to get the Quicken Mac product to this stage.  They are an awesome group of people and played a very important role in helping us find bugs, refine the product and to provide a voice for the Quicken Mac community by suggesting future features we should work on. 

This is only the first step in our journey of rebuilding Quicken Mac. 

Thanks, Marcus

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First off: Congratulations on shipping this new version!  I've been following these "Quicken Marcus" updates for 2 years now, and have remained hopeful that the end product would live up to our expectations. Many of us recognize just what a huge undertaking this has been, and greatly appreciate the time, effort, and attention to detail which Marcus and team have brought to the table.  Kudos, all - thank you for the work!

Of course, there are obviously a few (?) concerns to be raised:

  1. The $75 purchase price (with no upgrade pricing) is obviously a bit steep for many.  Understandable, but it would still be nice to recognize those who may have purchased Quicken Essentials, and offer them even a token rebate on the purchase of this (distinct, but still related) app.
  2. There is no indication within the current Quicken 2007 version(s) that this new product exists. "Check for Updates" merely reports "Quicken 2007 16.1.4 is currently the newest version available." This is arguably "correct", but quite misleading.  Strong suggestion to enhance that version checking in the older app to notify users of Quicken 2015 for Mac availability (clearly indicating it is a separate, paid upgrade) - ideally, with a link to the product page, to obtain more information.
  3. Many of the reviews I've read so far are positively slamming the product - most certainly without any direct experience with it.  This is somewhat understandable ("Intuit abandons us for 8 years, and then gives us only another limited-feature version??!!"), but I hope the development team recognizes the frustration on the part of these users, and will clearly indicate when features have been re-added, to make this a full-featured product once again.
  4. Related: Allowing (potential?) users to vote on our "favorite new feature" is nice - but it should be clarified that ALL these features are already-planned additions to ensure the product is as full-featured as possible, and that voting merely helps to prioritize their order of implementation.  (Uh, correct?)
  5. That being said, many of the positive reviews (in the "What people are saying" section of the product page) really seem to reek of astroturfing:  The use of the full product name in each case, the awkward (but very marketing-speak-ish) phrasing of the praise, etc.  Plus, how is so much input available immediately after the product launch - even prior to it showing up for sale on the App Store?  I'm hoping these glowing endorsements are from members of the (external) beta test team … but this assumption seems questionable.  I'd strongly caution the marketing team to ensure that all such featured testimonials are genuine, to avoid any risk of an inevitable (and possibly incredibly damning) backlash.
  6. Even after reading all the product information, I'm still unclear on the syncing features (one of the most-critical features for this product):  Will I be able to enter transactions on both my iPhone, my wife's iPhone, and my iPad - and have them all integrated into the "main" registers in my account file?  How is this syncing performed: Is it via a separate sync server (convenient and always available, but a potential security risk), or only peer-to-peer when on the same network sub-net (secure, but MUCH less convenient)?

All that being said (whew!): I will be purchasing this new version as soon as possible, and taking it for a spin - hoping that I do NOT need to take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee.  I'm thrilled that our interest in the product seems to have been genuinely considered, and has helped shape the form of the final result.  I am hopeful we will soon see complete feature parity with the Windows version - perhaps even some Mac-only enhancements, to take advantage of OS X Yosemite?

Once again: A huge THANK YOU to Quicken Marcus & team, for this effort.  Please ignore the overly-vitriolic responses from the community at large, and recognize that there is a large base of current and potential users, who greatly appreciate the work being done.  Please continue to support and enhance this product on our platform of choice.

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