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Import Federal Student Loans from

Is there a way to import data about all Federal Student Loans directly from the government? The site allows for an overview of all of the accounts and it just seems better if there was a way to import it just like bank accounts.

The same question also goes for student loans by Chase. Can we just import them if we have credentials? I really dislike manually inputting data (due to it not neccissarily being the best or most up to date data).

    You can try Quicken's feedback forum for what it might be worth.  I suggest you search to see if others have already submitted the idea and vote for it, because if they pick something might be based on the votes it gets:
    Quicken does not import transactions for loan accounts.  Some times the financial institutions will put out the data as if it is a checking account and so Quicken can download it that way, but without it you can not download this information.
    • Wait, wait, wait.  This is really not good.  I, too, have a federal student loan.  Why are we not able to connect with the website John cites so that we can track our progress with this?  

      What can we do to change this... and/or to whom do we need to complain about it.  I suspect that there are many more of us who would benefit from this kind of information.



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