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qw.exe - Application Error "The application failed to intialize properly (Oxc000034). click on OK to terminate the application"

  • When does this error occur?
    What windows operating system?
    If printing, what printer make & model?
  • Happens everytime I try to open the program and I am running Window XP Pro
Crashes or fatal errors when launching the program can be due to Program, System, or Data.  The easiest way to determine which is the cause is:

1.  Hold the Ctrl + Shift keys when clicking on the Quicken icon (I have to click once on my icon, then Ctrl + Shift + Enter, which accomplishes the same thing).  This will allow Quicken to open with no data file - just a big gray screen and only File and Help menu items available.  If Quicken still gives the same error, then the problem is not Data and you move on to...
2.  Reboot your computer into Safe Mode (and not Safe Mode with Networking), then launch Quicken as you normally would.  If you still get the same error, then you've identified a problem with the program installation.  However, if you do not get the error and Quicken opens and functions (except for online capabilities not available in regular Safe Mode) then you've identified a conflict with another program/application or driver on your system in Normal Mode.
  • Did safe mode, no change.  Have uninstalled and reinstalled, have done the clean unistall as well.
  • You say the error occurs in Safe Mode - was that with or without using the Ctrl + Shift keys to open the program without a data file?
  • without
  • Try it in Safemode WITH the Ctrl + Shift while opening the program - let me know what happens.
  • I I get the property’s dialog box.  Does not open
  • (with computer booted into Safe Mode, and NOT Safe Mode with Networking):

    1.  Click once on the Quicken icon - do NOT double-click;
    2.  Hold the Ctrl + Shift keys at the same time;
    3.  Hit the Enter key - keep the Ctrl + Shift keys held down until Quicken opens to just a big gray screen, and only File and Help menu selections are available.

    The reason we're doing this is to make sure that the error is not due to a problem with the data file (QDF).  It's much easier to rectify data issues than it is to resolve Windows Registry problems.
  • makes no difference, get the same error message.  Next?
1.  Follow http://quicken.intuit.com/support/help/using-qcleanui-to-uninstall-quicken/GEN82227.html to Clean All Versions and delete the Shared folders (very important);
2.  Follow http://quicken.intuit.com/support/help/installing-quicken-in-selective-startup-mode/GEN82240.html for installing Quicken in the cleanest possible environment;
3.  Reboot the computer into Normal Mode;
4.  Launch Quicken.

If you continue to get the error, leave that error up on the screen (to properly capture all information necessary, including the crash logs) and contact Quicken Support https://quicken.custhelp.com/app/contact/plvl1/win for further assistance.
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