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why can't i web connect to wells fargo?

Quicken signs me up for th $3/month direct connect when I try to download transactions; the web connect feature is not working
    You need to deactivate the online account  To stop the charge, you need to contact WF.  Just for clarity, Quicken does not assign a charge to you for direct connect.  This charge comes from your FI.

    Then go to WF website and initiate the download from there.
    • I am also having this problem.  I contacted Wells Fargo and they informed me that they will provide a more secure, functional connection -- all for only $3 a month.  I said I had no desire to use all of the features of DirectConnect and just wanted to use Web Connect - Express (i.e. I wanted to be able to download transactions using One Step Update, not pay bills or make transfers).  The answer I was given is that I have to call Intuit Technical Support at 1-800-811-8766.  According to WF, Intuit will then make some change that will allow me to configure my software to use Web Connect - Express, rather than DirectConnect.

      I have not yet succeeded in connecting with Intuit Technical support to verify this.

      What is worse is that I cannot even manually download transactions from the WF website.  If my WF accounts are configured as purely manual accounts, I can successfully download transactions from WF.  After the first download, a connection between my Quicken accounts and my WF online accounts are made.  The second time I try to manually download from the WF website, a dialog box appears asking me to create a brand new account.  It will not allow me to select the already existing account that it just previously downloaded to.

      Does anyone have any direct experience with this problem?  Does anyone have a solution?

    • <p>I had a similar experience.</p><p>Web Connect wouldn't work. I followed the message advice from Intuit to delete the current online connection and then re-connect. However, it then auto-enrolled me for Direct Connect without any warning that WF charged a monthly fee. Only when I received a confirmation email (cryptic) from WF did I realize there was a fee.</p><p>Contacted WF to cancel the service.</p><p>Cancelled my Quicken online download, and then tried to re-activate one of the accounts (in case I had missed the cost warning). No, there was no warning. Immediately de-activated Direct Connect (I suppose I am going to have to go through the telephone maze at WF to cancel again)</p><p>Then went to WF to manually download, however, two big changes, previously it would auto-download all of the accounts, now it appears to be one account at a time. Secondly, as in the comment above, when I tried to download a Rental account I couldn't match this to the existing account in Quicken 2009.</p><p>Looks as if both WF and Intuit are trying to make this difficult and expensive for us.</p>

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