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Deleting or changing Opening Balance Adjustment

Simple question:
Anything wrong with modifying or deleting it?

More info if it matters:
This is regarding a new credit card account that was created by first manually downloading transactions in a date range, then the acct settings were changed to use Quicken Connect for direct downloads to fill in the rest (from today back to 90 days). So I want to manually edit the "opening balance adjustment" dollar value -- or delete the transaction line item altogether -- in order to correct today's balance because the acct starts off showing a minus dollar value. I figure that I can truncate the history at some end/start of statement cycle where I had paid off the balance. Make sense?

But I vaguely recall reading somewhere that there's a hazard in change the "opening balance adjustment" transaction, that I should never touch it? Can't find the discussion again. I don't understand how this "opening balanced adjustment" was created, by who, why or when. Whatever.

So before I mess anything up, is there anything wrong with manually modifying it?
  • Once the balance on an account is correct, "there's a hazard in change the "opening balance adjustment" transaction," is true, but you need to get it right to begin with, so change away, but don't delete it.  

    As an example, you have your account balanced correctly with data going back to 1/1/2012, but you decide you want to enter the 2011 transactions, a change in the Opening Balance is called for and proper.  Don't forget to change the date of the OB also, it should be the oldest transaction in a register.

    Make a backup of your data prior to starting, that way you have a known restore point in case things don't turn out like you want.
  • In your case, sepoc, you will definitely have to change it because you went back in and added more data. In this case, adjusting it is fine as Splasher indicates.

    I don't recall ever seeing the "hazard" of changing an opening balance. The only time I think that would apply is when a user is adjusting it to mask a problem. (I.e., they can't balance/can't reconcile, so instead of finding the problem and fixing it, they adjust the opening balance.
Success on two credit card accounts! (Mastercard and American Express) One more to go (VISA). Thank you both.

There was, however, a very peculiar WRONG transaction downloaded from American Express. This was most elusive to discover. And disturbing! I had to (mentally & with spreadsheet) eliminate every other transaction going back 12 months. Why would Quicken download a payment of $236.76 when I had actually paid $448.76? The date was roughly correct. There's nothing close to it in my other records -- no single or combination of transactions to make up $212. And it had nothing to do with the dollar figure for Opening Balance Adjustment.

So much for using Quicken as a record keeper!

Anyway, to summarize (if only for credit card accounts):

1. First download manually (.qfx file)
2. In the new Quicken account, change to Quicken connect and download everything else (requires login ID & password)
3. Fix duplicates if any
4. Change "opening balance adjustment" to zero dollars! (optional change to earliest date)
5. Delete transactions (oldest first) that don't contribute to today's balance

The last two steps take some investigation. Cross check with monthly statements. And for me:

6. Modify a downloaded transaction of some weird $236.76 to the correct value!

The last step is so annoying.

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