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Multiple files .....

I have the accounts of three separate organizations on Quicken. Quicken Essentials seems willing to handle only one. Is it limited to only one, or am I missing something?
    You can have as many FILES as you want.  Are you trying to convert your files to QE?  You can only do 1 at a time.  It probably says that because you can not merge separate files into one file.
    • I also have accounts from separate families that I want to manually post & track on Quicken Essentials. How do I set these up?

    File:New in QEM, and begin the import process over for each separate file.
    • I am running OS Lion, with QE. I am trying to import two separate QXF files from PC Quicken 2009. The first file converted just fine. When I try to import the second separate file i get the message ; "Each QE file can only import data once". I have closed the first file, but this doesn't help. I have tried the "FILE > NEW option, but this doesn't give me the IMPORT option. I don't see if if is possible to have two separate quicken files on MAC.
      I really think Quicken Essential is a piece of crap. I am very sorry I converted from PC to MAC.
    • Me too!

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