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How do I download Quicken 2004 for free?

  • I have lost  my quicken 2004 in my computer , i need to download quicken 2004 to recover my  last years account
  • Quicken 2013 will read your Quicken 2004 data files.
  • Are you sure about 2004 will load into 2013. I had 2011 in my computer and it would not take the info off my external floppy drive. I don't mind buying 2013 if it will work. I have ten years of info from a computer that died before me.
  • What problem did you have with Quicken 2011, exactly?

    The problem there might be it not being able to read the floppy properly, not its ability for it to read and convert the data file.  In other words if you had first copied what was on the floppy to your hard drive, then most likely it would have worked.  There is also the possibility that you didn't have all the needed files.  If you backed up to the floppy I believe you would have just one file, but if you using Windows Explorer copy you would have to make sure you copied all the files that make up one Quicken data "file", like the QDF, QPH, ... and if there the Attach folder.

    There is nothing special in this between Quicken 2011 and Quicken 2013, they should both be able to read your Quicken 2004 data files and convert them to that year's format.
A working version to use? From an illegal pirated software sharing network. I don't suggest it.

Now, if you need 2004 as an intermediate to perform conversion of a very old version, then those can be found here:
  • Please note that the downloaded link is for a trial version, that after 60 days will expire and will never be usable on that machine again, so convert all your data, and don't expect you are going to be able use it forever.

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