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Quicken does not accept valid bank password

When I try to do Direct Connect, one bank does not work.  I have tried to put the correct bank password into Quicken but Quicken says it is not valid. I have confirmed with the bank's site that it is valid.  However, my bank requires letters, number and one special character for the password and Quicken seems to only allow alphanumeric and no special characters.  Any suggestions how to solve this dilemma?
  • The same thing has happened to me.  I hope someone can help us!

Right click on the account name in the account bar.  From the drop down menu, select Edit Account.

Go to the Online Services tab to see your account's connectivity status.  If One Step Update is activated, click the button that says Remove from One Step Update
  • DaveT.  I did exactly what you suggested and when Quicken went to look for my accounts at Boeing Employees' Credit Union, it said my password was invalid.  I just went to their website and it worked fine.  Any other suggestions?
  • Tedgers,

    Try again.  Perhaps your credit union had the database down for maintenance at the time and online connectivity is available now.

    If you are still not successful, call the credit union's customer service group and ask for the Quicken support team.  Maybe you have to be enrolled or enabled at their end for Quicken downloads.  

    Boeing Employees' Credit Union does support Web Connect, so until you get the direct connect access issues resolved, you can always initiate the transaction download from your credit union's website.
  • I am having a prolblem alot like this one. I have not been able to do the same thing. I have tried to start the process from the online banking site for the credit union. I checked to see if the names on the credit union are the same, and to see if the account name and password is the same for as the one that I use to log into the online banking site.
The problem is every time you connect, Quicken attempts to update the password rules.  If the FI provides the wrong rules, you are basically stuck.   I have a similar problem with DiscoverCard and not accepting an underscore character.  One trick you can do (not the best) is make Quicken temporarily forget the password rules:

Go to Tools > Online Center

Hold down CTRL while left-clicking "Contact Info".

Select your financial institution from the "Account" list in the "Refresh Online Transaction Information" dialog box.

Put a checkmark in the "Financial Institution Branding and Profile" box.

Click the "Refresh" button.

Select your financial institution in the "Financial Institution" drop down near the top of the Online Center window. Click the "Update/Send" button.

Then try entering your fi password in the password vault.

Found via this post:
    Try deactivating One Step Update for your account.

    Next, reactivate One Step Update, and on the Account Setup screen, select the option  "No, the account is at a different institution or has a different login."

    Follow the screen prompts to select your financial institution, enter your login-id, and to enter your password.  Enter the password the financial institution accepts, including special characters.

    If Quicken connects to your financial institution, then the password worked and should be stored in the password vault at the end of the reactivate process.

    Let us know if this worked.
    • same thing happens to me.  

      DaveT - thank you for your comment but I can't see how to DEACTIVATE this One Step Update.  where do I find that?  

      This program is very frustrating and I am not pleased to see so many negative comments, and...for me to experience this glitch as a new Quicken User isn't helping - who can I actually complain to ?
    The answer I just rec'd from Customer Care is that they believe it will be fixed for BECU in the next release.  So, PW security strength will need to be reduced until that undisclosed release date.

    Not my favorite answer...

    Info requested is: Boeing Employee's Credit Union, Quicken 2010 Premiere R10, MS Vista
    • @NoWayJose: I think your answer is not quite accurate.  I'm running the latest release of Quicken 2010 R10 on Windows 7 and I'm using a small institution called Bank of America.  Not sure if you've heard of it.  

      This is just simple shortsightedness of the dev team.  If they didn't permit special characters period, shame on them.  If they really are doing what you say and going institution by institution, that's a maintenance nightmare!! It's not their job to enforce the password rules for every institution out there.  They should simply validate whatever you enter.
    • " ... I think your answer is not quite accurate".

      I don't think you read my post very carefully.

      Please notice the quote that I included at the very beginning of my post to indicate what I was commenting on.

      I said Quicken does not prevent entering special characters in password vault passwords; I pointed out that I have a password for a financial institution that has (requires) a special character. That password is in my password vault - Quicken doesn't beef about it - and I have no problem using One Step Update to update from that financial institution. That is proof enough for me that Quicken itself does not prevent entering special characters in vault passwords. And I'm pretty sure there are others out there who have entered passwords in their password vault with special characters.

      I also pointed out that Quicken enforces (or attempts to enforce) the password requirements set by the financial institution - for passwords entered in the Password Vault. That would be, I suppose, in your words; "going institution by institution". I see no reason why that would present a problem for you, but it is Intuit's choice. You might want to consider the ramifications of sending an invalid password to the financial institution in a One Step Update.

      I have no idea what your scold is all about, but I am not aware of any problem with Quicken's approach to password vault control. And I'd say Intuit is in a much better position than you (or I) to decide how to handle the details of collecting and using logon credentials.

      I believe you'll find that my description of Quicken's process for controlling the entry of passwords in the Password Vault is correct; but if you think I'm wrong, please provide verifiable evidence.

      [Not sure why you felt the need to snidely mention BofA (since you didn't describe any problem you are having), but I also bank with BofA: I have no problems with BofA.(including entering special characters in their password in the vault), using Q2010 RPM R10 and Windows 7]
    • I just changed my password on my banks website using a stonger password (includes a special character) with no problem.  Then I went to update it in the PW vault in Quicken and it tells me it is not valid.
      I am using Quicken 2010 and I got a QUICKEN pop-up that says "Quicken was not able to use the password you entered.  Enter a password which contains both number (0..9) and letters (A..Z)."
      So I disagree with DaveT's posts that Quicken will use whatever PW you enter.  I get the error before it ever tries to connect to my Financial Institution to verify the PW.  I also disabled and re-setup One Step Update on the account to no avail.
      It is now 2012 and I am using Quicken 2010 so it is 2 yrs old but I should not have to pay to upgrade every year just get fix's for their bugs, especially since every update I have ever purchased (been using since Quicken 94) contains more new bugs than it fixes from the upgraded version!  And I allow Quicken to download updates whenever it tells me they are available but never see any details on what is being updated/fixed and I never see any difference after I update.
      So frustrating!  Used to love Quicken, now dread using it but since I have so many years on history in it and there are no viable options ....... I'll keep being frustrated!
    I do not have the answer but the one given is not correct.  Many banks including my own require you to use a special character and will not accept anything less than a special character, while quicken will not accept anything at all that is a special character.  Someone from the support team needs to address this issue.  It is a programing issue with quicken.
    • " ... quicken will not accept anything at all that is a special character ...".

      That is simply not true.  

      I have a Quicken account with an fi that requires a special character in the password name.  I just created a New Quicken file, added that one account, created the password vault, and entered my password with the special character.  [Q2010 R10.]

      Password requirements are financial institution specific, and each fi is supposed to make its requirements known to Quicken.  If those requirements are not correctly specified to Quicken, you may be unable to enter a correct password in the vault (though you should still be able to supply the correct password when you download).

      Those having problems entering passwords in the vault, should post the name of the financial institution (the name used in Quicken), their Quicken year/version/release, and their operating system.

    To say "Quicken" won't accept the password is a bit misleading.  When Quicken connects to a financial institution it gives Quicken a set of rules for its passwords.  Like minimum characters and such, and Quicken enforces them.
    So it is really your financial institution that is pushing that requirement, not Quicken.  (Mind you that NoWayJose already pointed this out).  Just because the popup is from Quicken doesn't mean it was a "Quicken requirement".
    • I just changed my bank password again, and Quicken cannot figure it out.  It is clear that Quicken 2010 is broken.  I've had to reset the password with the bank, as Quicken's attempts locked my account.  I've tried this twice, and still cannot get in with one-step updates.  I've entered the password repeated times in Quicken to no avail.  2010 v10.

      I've not been able to update Quicken for several weeks.

      I've been using Quicken since it came out on 5" diskettes, so this is not my first time to this rodeo.
    • QuicknPerlWiz & NoWayJose,  are you suggesting that Quicken has no process to verify that the financial institution's rules in their program are consistent with the rules used for the financial institution in the general public?  If the financial institutions are sending the wrong rules to golly Quicken fix the damn problem and rid your so-far-faithful  users of them.

      Quicken saying "it's not my problem" is a recipe for consumer's saying bye-bye.
    • "If the financial institutions are sending the wrong rules to golly Quicken fix the ... problem ...".

      Do you give any thought before you post this stuff?

      How would Intuit know that the rules they received from the financial institution were wrong?

      Why would the burden for "fixing" wrong rules - rules known only by the financial institution - be Intuit's responsibility?
    • "Why would the burden for "fixing" wrong rules - rules known only by the financial institution - be Intuit's responsibility?"

      Customer relationships 101 - Quicken rep to financial institution - "does your firm allow special characters in your passwords on your website?"  Financial firm: "yes"   Quicken rep: "did you know our users are not being allowed  to use special characters when they work with your accounts in our Quicken program?"   Financial firm: "no"   Quicken rep:  "let's see if we can fix the rule base you've sent us."

      Does Quicken want to control its destiny(and it users experience) or let the errors of others drive it?
    • You really haven't made a case for this being Intuit's "responsibility". And I believe you are significantly under-estimating what Intuit already does.

      There are some 14,000+ financial institutions that Quicken downloads from; Intuit already spends an enormous amount of manual effort working with them. Including working with them to get password rules correct ... when Intuit is aware that that the rules are not correct.

      But to expect Intuit to prevent such instances from happening, or to spend time regularly calling 14,000 organizations to see if they may have sent incorrect information, is just not realistic.

      Intuit can not force the fi to supply valid rules, or force them to co-operate in any way. And if the financial institution password rules violate some fundamental Quicken, or OFX, requirement/limitation ... a lot more can be at stake. So Intuit can not "fix" much (except in the situation - not demonstrated here - that Intuit has the right rules but has failed to implement them) ... they can only ask the fi to do their part ... which they already do. when they can be of help.

      Intuit can not serve its Quicken customers if it has no Quicken customers because Quicken is out of business. "Customer relationships" can not be suicide pacts for businesses. Customers are not good sources of corporate policies - customers are totally self-interested. Normal, even understandable (it's unbelievably easy to spend someone else's money); but not a good source for corporate policies. Customer input is vital ... but has its limits. Microsoft Money customers got many things they wanted ... too many things ... until Money went belly-up. No profit: no product ... no service to complain about.

      In some instances, Intuit has noticed a problem with a financial institution reported in this Community and taken steps to follow up on it. But that's not a good thing to count on when you have a better alternative.

      Try talking to your financial institution. They are supposed to have someone acting as a liason with Intuit. Even if it is not their problem, they can easily get the ball rolling.
    • I'm having the same problem with the "Bank of America - All Other States" institution. The interesting thing is that the problem is specifically with the Vault. If I click on the account directly and ask it to update, it comes up with the screen to enter my password, which it takes successfully and processes the update. Clearly this is NOT a true validity problem between Quicken and the institution, but a problem with the Vault password entry.

      This is an annoying workaround at best, but it works for me. Not sure how long this has been a problem since I recently migrated to a new computer and re-installed from scratch. I am using Quicken 2010 H & B.
    • BusyMom2,

      Your problem might be a corrupted password vault.

      Note you can print the user names and passwords from the password vault to have them before doing this.
    Problem solved.  If your credit union password has any special characters (like "#" or "*"), Quicken won't accept it as being valid.  To fix, change your password on the company's web site to include just lower case letters/numbers, enter the password in One-Step Update,  and it will work.

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