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i cant backup quicken files to a disk

  • I "upgraded" to quicken deluxe 2010 two days ago, and today I tried to back up to a thumb drive as I did successfully about once a week while using quicken 2009 and earlier versions.  I am unable to back up my file now.
  • I had the same problem in 2007 - am using Quicken Deluxe now, so don't know if this is applicable. In my file, Quicken used "Quicken\Backup" for an automatic backup - when I inserted a CD for backup, it was looking for this directory, rather than "D" - created quite a problem! When I reinstalled I made a directory under
    quicken "Qdata" and made the backups go there. Finally found it easier to use a 1 gig in the USB port - no problems since.
  • I was able to backup quickens 2010 on a floppy tthrough August2010.  When I put a clean disk in for September, it says that the disk is out of space and will not back up.  I am unable to use a CD disk.

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