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Why won't my scanner work with Quicken?

Just got a new Canon Printer/Scanner.  Scanner does not work now with Quicken.  Previous scanner worked fine.  I've changed the set up in Quicken to recognize the new printer, but still does not work.  Help!
    I've found scanners to be a bit flaky at times.  I would suggest scanning the item and saving to file.  Then you can attach the file from Quicken without issue.
    • I'm having this same issue. I can scan, save, then attach. It's just clunky. And given that I have been able to do this seamlessly with my previous scanner it's a bit frustrating!

      I'm thinking there should be some driver I can install that will fix it but haven't found anything so far...
    • I agree Jann it is a pain in the behind since I could do it properly with my previous printer as well :-(

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