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Having trouble downloading credit card updates from Barclay Bank

Two days ago during a 1-step update my Barclay Bank account staring asking security challenge questions like what high school did I go to.  I correctly answered the question but it kept providing error CC-585.  I spoke with an online rep at Barclay who reset all my security challenge questions so I had to re-sign in and provide answers to the same challenge questions and change my password.  I entered the new password in the PIN vault and tried an update for the account.  Once again it asked about my high school and once again I entered the correct answer.  And, unfortunately, once again got error CC-585.  This now leads me to think this is an issue with Quicken not able to handle the challenge question properly and not with the bank.  Any comments on this?
    I found out what my problem was in downloading transactions from Barclay.  I had lost my credit card a few months back and when I got the new one I changed the number on the account in quicken.  I now found out that it had actually started a second account in Quicken, thus there were two US Airways Mastercards trying to download.  After I found the problem, I eliminated one of the two accounts and everything worked fine.  My advice...check your account list in Quicken to make sure you don't have two accounts trying to download from BarclayCard US.
      "I think its definitely a Quicken bug".

      I doubt it.

      Many credit card issuers only download transactions once the transactions have appeared on a statement.

      I believe you can verify this for yourself. If you logon to the financial institution's web site and begin the process of initiating a download from there; see if you can select any range of dates for downloading, or if you can only select individual statements.

      If you can only select statements to download, you should only expect transactions that have appeared on statements to be downloaded.
      • if thats the case, why then does it not download all the transactions on the statement when it is end of cycle? just the interest?

        And we seem to be straying from the original topic, the stupid security questions that keep coming back and giving the cc-585 error.  thats not a bug?  i think it is when i keep answering correctly.
      • I am having the same problem with Barclay's bank. Shouldn't Quicken and Barclay's be able to work this out? I can certainly download my transactions manually, but the whole point of the One Step Update was to eliminate that.
      • My problem is similar.  My USAirways / Barclays Bank card worked fine with Quicken 2011 One Step until June of 2011.  Since June I have not been able to download transactions and continue to receive errors.  Per a different post that suggested long passwords are causing it to fail, my password is 8 characters, exactly the minimum required by Barclays; cannot make it any shorter.  I have disabled and attempted to re-enable the One Step Update with no success.  I have also downloaded a Web Connect file from Barclays and processed it hoping this would help in re-enabling One Step Update but it did not.  

        All this to say I don't think this is a 2010 only problem as suggested in a different post.  I have American Express, Scottrade, Wells Fargo checking and credit cards, Local Credit Union and Vanguard accounts that all update via Quicken 2011 One Step with out problems.  Barclays is the only one giving me a fit.

        I'm stumped in Fresno.
      For me, Barclays Quicken  update troubles began when Barclays split their barclaycardUS website login over two web pages about mid-year 2011. First page is User ID. Once filled, it brings up second page where you add password.  Every other on-line institution I have used has both ID and password on the same web page.  

      Barclays offers suggested answers on their website: Have Quicken open. Then  it suggests going to their website outside of Quicken. Download transactions in desired QFX format. Quicken automatically opens file and offers to create new file or link if you had one that already exists. Select the Link option. Other solutions offered by Barclays if this does not work.
        Actually my issues with One-Step Update with Barclays disappeared recently.  My first solution was to createa second Barclays account (with a slightly different name) in Quicken, transfer the previous transactions from the original register to the new register, and then delete the first version.  This worked fine for 30 days until the challenge reappeared and hung there despite entering the correct answer to the challenge question.  I then repeated the process creating a third version of the account.  Recently the challenge question appeared again.  I entered the correct answer and I was very pleased to see that the update process moved along as normal.  I didn't change anything so I presume that either Quicken or the Bank made some change.  Regardless, the problem, at least for me, seems to have vanished.

        A comment to agk.  The two page log in on a web site is a technique used to improve security to reduce the possibility of being phished.  The second page not only has a place for entering your password, but it also displays a picture or graphic that the account holder has previously selected. If you don't see the graphic, you are not connected to your bank. It's a way to verify that you are really connected to your financial institution.  Bank of America, for example, has been using this technique for over a year.
        • This is a Quicken problem. They need to get it fixed and tell the users when it will be fixed. When I started using Quicken I had no problems with Barclay. They changed their home paqe and it has not work since then. A Quicken tecnical support person tried several thing on my computer and could not fixs the problem. They said they have to work with Barclay. This has been several weeks and it still not working. Don't want to manually down load my data.
        Try using "Update Now" (in the Account Actions dropdown in the Quicken Barclay account register).

        If that doesn't work, use plain Web Connect (logon to the bank and inititiate the download from there).
        • I've tried the "update Now" while the account is selected, with no change in the results. Still get error CC-585.  The update with Barclays Bank has been fine for months until they instituted these challenge questions as part of the update process.

          Yes, I can use plain web connect but I presume that all Quicken users that connect to Barclays are experiencing the same issue. (I am using Quicken 2012 with Windows 7 64 bit by the way)  

          Perhaps Quicken and Barclays need to talk about this change adding the challenge questions and how to make it work satisfactorily
        • I was finally able to resolve the problem by deactivating and then reactivating the online connection.  It resulted in a second version of the account which required that I transfer older transactions from the old into the new version of the account.  I then deleted the old account and the Barclays account has been downloading without incident so far.
        • Well its now 15 days later and Barclays is back asking challenge questions again.  Despite correctly answering the challenge quuestion, Quicken cannot get past this question and download the recent transactions.  Very frustrating
        • I am having the same problem. It is my feeling that 1) the answer to the challenge question is not being passed by Quicken; or 2) it is not being passed in the correct sequence.

          When I log into the Barclays website directly, I do NOT get a challenge question because I have registered my computer with them. Perhaps Barclays does not recognize the Quicken login as being from the same computer.
        • The problem doesn't stop at just Barclay's bank btw.  Even though its a crappy credit card, Applied Bank I am having the same exact issues.  It seems to work only about once a month, and from what I can figure, its the day that the new cycle begins. But it still doesn't download any transactions, except for the interest charge.  I think its definitely a Quicken bug.

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