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my computer crashed. I was able to get the data off the hard drive. how do I install it on a new computer

Do I install quicken 2010 from the original disk and then find the data to install from the cd that i have the data on?

Or do I install everything from the disc that i have the data on.

What file do i look for that has my quicken data in it?

I do not have a current backup is the data in the quicken file that i recovered from the hard drive?

      Moving Quicken Data Files Between Computers


      You will need the original software CD or the downloaded program file. If you don't have the download, you should be able to go back to where you got it and redownload it. If you have lost the CD, you are out of luck, they won't give you another.

      Once you have the above, just install it on the new computer making sure that your anti-virus and firewall software are disabled for the install and then go online and get the latest release for your version of Quicken at:

      Once installed, do a backup of the data on the old computer and then a restore on the new computer. Use a flash drive or thumbdrive or burn it to a cd or dvd.  Which is a good thing to do anyway for backup.

      Starting in 2010 you have 1 data file (for each file you have) that ends in .qdf.  Using Windows  XP the files are usually in My Documents in the Quicken Data folder.
        So in your case you have no old computer so you won't back up and restore from your old computer - so - once you have the software installed and updated with the latest changes on your new computer (After the initial install you can open Quicken and it has it's own update capability you should look for if you are uncomfortable looking for web sites and downloads) - then copy the .QDF from your recovered disk with the latest date to your new computer.  Double click on it, and Quicken will open and find the file there from now on.  Put is somewhere logical.

        Then:  Back it up!  There are many automatic on line back up services available (in the cloud!), most anti-virus provider now have them (ie McAfee or Symantec), or you can buy and attach an external drive to back up to.  Using the cloud protects you in case of fire, earthquake, etc.
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