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I am yet another MS Money person trying to switch to Quicken before MS turns off the lights on that product. My problem is with Bill Pay. In Money, I was able to activate Bill Pay through MSN Bill Pay and everything was good. I was able to link Bill Pay to my checking account, then automatically pay bills through MS Money. MSN Bill Pay was also free of charge for two years after activation of MS Money. and $7/month thereafter, or you could upgrade your software and get another 1 or 2 years free.

Now, in the Quicken world, it seems that Bill Pay is about $10 a month. So, I wanted to choose the free option of using my banks' bill pay service. But my question is this, is there a way to pay bills inside of quicken (some type of e-billing), that does not use Quicken's $10/month bill pay service? Can I link my checking account to my banks' bill pay service?
    Whether you can use your bank's billpay via Quicken (and how much, if anything, it costs) is up to your bank.

    Your Quicken Participating Financial Institutions list (Online menu) should tell you if your bank offers billpay via Quicken (I think it will say "Payments", if they're offered).  If they are offered and you're already eligible, you can set them up with the Change Online Services button on the Overview tab of the account.

    Your bank must offer "Direct" downloads in order to have the possibility for billpay via Quicken, but some banks that offer Direct downloads and have free billpay ... do not offer billpay via Quicken.

    Check with your financial institution for details.
      Have you considered direct debit to all the individual accounts?  I set mine up long before billpay was available through money - each utility, etc.  A bit of a pain the first time but for $10 a month seems like it would be worth it!

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