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Is quicken 2011 compatible with Windows 8?

    • Quicken Tech said program will not work with Win 8 OS.  Can any one solve this issue definitively ?
    • anniesue:
      You got a response from q.lurker and a corrected response from me in this thread: .  No one can tell you definitively that Quicken 2011 will or will not run on your computer running Windows 8, there are just too many variables depending on which hardware you have and the other software present.  There is a good chance that it will, but until you try, you will not know.  
      Best of luck.  If you do upgrade to Win8 and do install Quicken 2011 on it, write back with your results.
    • Hi I loaded Quicken 2011 yesterday and it was working. I entered one credit card transaction. This morning, when I open it, I get a message that it cannot open the data file because it is in use by another application. No matteow what I do to clear the message Quicken shuts itself down????
    • "Hi I loaded Quicken 2011 yesterday ...".

      You're hijacking this thread. You have a different problem/question. You need to start your own discussion.
    • Hi, I did install on Win 8 OS.  I have not printed checks or reports as I am in process of closing out year-end on previous computer.  Wanted to touch base in the interim.  Q2011 did install okay and was able to restore backups okay also.  Will follow up when I begin working with Win 8 permanently.  Wish me luck :)
    • I just installed Quicken 2011 on a new HP laptop running Windows 8. The program seems to be running and getting data updates correctly, but there is a problem with data display. On the investments screen the Quote/Price field has the current value, but also shows the little clock symbol, meaning the price is not current. Also, the Day Gain/Loss, Day Change, and Day Change (%) fields show only blanks or zeros. I noticed one other user on these boards with the same problem.
    • I've just loaded Q 2011 Premier on a Win 8 machine and converted my data from Quicken 2006 that I had been using on an XP machine that went belly up.  Program seems to be working fine.  The only thing I download are stock quotes and that is working fine.  MS Win 8 compatibility checker shows Quicken 2011 as compatible although some users disagree.  So far so good here.  Quicken 2011 ran on Win 7 and as I understand it Win 8 is essentially the same with a bunch changes to the interface thrown in.  

      I do much prefer the Quicken 2006 "look and feel" over Quicken 2011 however.

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