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how do i convert a qif to qfx?

Since my 2010 version of Quicken only allows import of QFX files and my 401K transaction history is only available in a QIF file is there a way to convert the QIF to a QFX file?
    No, and even if you did, it probably wouldn't work.  The QFX format is an Intuit proprietary format and Quicken confirms that the financial institution that the data is from is a licensed data provider, so you can't "fake" one.
    You can however, tweak the QIF file using the instructions in this post to make it usable:

    Make sure you have a recent backup in case something goes wrong and you need to revert to the backup.
      I am still using Q2005 and my bank only has qfx as export and Q2005 only wants qif. I purchased iBank and it opens my bank's qfx data and from there I can export these now iBank transactions as qif's which Q2005 likes.  Problem solved. Although I now have my bank and finance data on 2 computers and 2 different pieces of software, I guess it's crash insurance :-)
      • That is an awful lot of trouble.  Why not just upgrade to a version of Quicken that supports downloading?
      • I'm surprised you can even import anything at all to Q2005.
      • I got iBank in 2010 after an OSX update broke my Q2002. I got Q2005 but it wouldn't load in my PPC Mac thus I got iBank as last resort. This year I finally got an Intel Mac, and my Q2005 works fine now, it's just that everything else moved on.
      • Exporting iBank as QIF loads without problems into Q2005 for me. Not happy that Intuit isn't more helpful to Mac users. I have used it since 1993, but may move elsewhere next year.
      • @volvogirl  The user is referring to the Mac 2005 which is in the current (2007) prior two versions (2005 & 2006) window for support.
      You can try Propersoft's QIF2QFX converter at their website,

      I've not tried this, but they do offer a trial version. Be sure to back up your files.
      • I used their CVS2QFX converter and it worked for me.  I had to alter the imported data a bit: had to move fields around (payee and memo reversed) and had to drag copy them from a new checking account into my usual checking account but it worked. My bank said that after 90 days you had manually enter the data, and that is simply not true. But the trial version gets you all of 3 transactions, to go straight to the regular version. Their email support was surprisingly fast.

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