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Balance is incorrect/Quicken is broken

Every time i open quicken, my account balance is off by 2000$.  If i use the arrows to scroll up (4 years back) i can find a mistake made by quicken where it hasn't computed the balance correctly.  if i click on the transaction, the balance corrects itself and then if i use the arrows to scroll back down to the current day then my balances are correct.  If i add a transaction it reverts to the incorrect balance.  If i use the scroll bar to go up & down it won't correct, but if i use the arrow to scroll up and find the transaction that quicken miscalculated (which is always different) then scroll back down, with the arrow not the scroll bar, it will show the correct balance until i add another transaction.  This is messed up, any ideas? thanks
    i didn't know about rebuilding database worked like a charm.thank you so very much!

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