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Combine 2 credit card accounts into 1

I have a Chase Visa account I use for business.  There are 2 users with cards that have different account numbers, but they are tied to the same account.  When I connect with Quicken it creates two seperate accounts.  I want to make these one account that shows all of the transactions by both card holders.  The account is paid via one check and both accounts are tied together.  How do I do this?

    You cannot do this. Two different account numbers means two separate accounts in Quicken,.
    • Thanks Bill.  Won't my accounts be messed up because I make a payment to one account?  I make all of the payments and they get registered under my cc account, but this also resets the balance on the other cc account.  In Quicken is there a way to have one payment reduce the balance of one account?  It seems like I can't be the only one with this problem and I would think that there has to be some sort of solution.

      Thanks again for replying so quickly.

    • Scott, To be honest with you, I have not been faced with this scenario.  When you make a payment how is that payment reflected on your accounts at the financial institutions web site / your account the other account?  What you see there at the FI is what you will see in Quicken and there is no way around this.  Quicken just parrots lets say what it finds at the FI. Hopefully, someone will chime in and input more on this.
    • When I log into the website and manage the account there is a main heading that shows "All Accounts"  This shows the total balance, credit remaining and amount due.  Under this section is another area called "Card Details"  This shows me what card bought what under the all accounts section.  When I connect directly to the Chase site in Quicken it pulls in the individual data vs the main account data.
    • Yes, I too have multiple Chase credit cards and am familiar with Chase's online website.   Chase sees and handles your two account as separate accounts.  When you make a payment to one account it is not reflected in the other account, correct?   What have you seen.   Again, Quicken will see the accounts as separate and payments and transactions will be  account specific.  Quicken, parrots exactly what it see in regard to individual account activity.  Hopefully someone familiar with this scenario will chime in and offer input that will be helpful to you.
    • No, when I make a payment it registers for both accounts since they are linked.  I went ahead and did a Web Connect and that worked.  I'll just update in this manner.

      Thanks again for the help.

    If Chase allows you to pay both accounts with one check and knows how to apply this properly, you can still write 1 check in Quicken. Just set it up as a split transfer going to both accounts in Quicken, e.g.
    Total due: $500
    Transfer to [Chase card 1] $300
    Transfer to [Chase card 2] $200
    using the actual amounts from the monthly statement, of course.
    With that, you can keep on paying with one check, yet still have the two accounts that Quicken recognizes for transaction downloading.
    • The real issue is, what transactions are shown on the statement to accomplish this two accounts paid off with a single check look like.  If you are specific in describing it, we can help you mirror it in Quicken.
    • I agree, splasher.......  I really wanted to hear specifics.  I was in hopes of offering him some direction...  A really interesting situation this is..  Hope the OP comes back and gives us more detail.
    • Thanks guys for the suggestions.  My problem is not trying to combine different cards in Chase.  I know that you can have several different Chase cards (i.e. Ink & Chase Amazon Visa) and have both accounts show up under one log in, but this is not what I am trying to do.  I have a Chase Ink Visa that is in my business' name.  I am the admin for the card and I ordered another card for one of my employees.  The cards have different account numbers on the card, but they are part of the same account.  If I hit the limit, then my employee cannot charge on his card and vice versa.  I make one payment to the card and it reduces the overall balance.  However, Chase has it set up where I can view charges made to specific card.  This way I can see what I am spending and what my employee is spending.  Quicken identified the 2 accounts, but did not recognize that they are part of the same business account.  I ended up using a web connect file and that fixed the problem.

      Again, thanks for your help.  I greatly appreciate it.

    • I too have this issue. Just upgraded to 2012 from 2009 and now it's not working correctly. I have an American Express credit card and got a second card connected to the same account for my wife. Now when I download transactions, each transaction on her card also gets recorded on mine - so everything is duplicated.
      For me I think the easiest thing is going to be to just disconnect her credit card so I don't even download them.
    • i have the same problem with Citibank Business, i.e. 2 accounts set up, one for each user, instead of one combining them both. For me the real problem is that the reconcile amount for each account is downloaded as the the total for both, making the reconcile process a manual one.
    • ScottKoons, I am in the same situation as you with the Chase Ink business cards. What did you mean by "I ended up using a web connect file and that fixed the problem"? Can you please share what it is you did, please, please.

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