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What's the difference between the Bank of America account types in Quicken 2011, specially Bank of America - Quicken and Bank of America - California? A few days ago, all of my Express Web Connect with BofA - California stop working, so I deactivate all 7 accounts, reactivated with BofA - Quicken as the account type, now they are all downloading again. I would like to know what happened, and the difference between the two account types. All of my accounts are in California, and they had been successfully downloading for more than a year.
  • I am using Quicken 2008 and BOA.  As of 2011 my download did not transmit the transactions but the ending balance was correct.  This indicates to me that it is transmitting something.  Could you tell me how to deactivate your accounts and reactivat them???  My accounts have downloaded for years with a problem but not so in 2011
  • You have to go into to Tools --> Account List, Edit each account, goto Online Services Tab, and select Remove from One Step Update, then Active One Step Update again.

Each finanacial institution decides what entries you will see for what is supported by Quicken so this is really a BoA quesiton, but I think the answer is basically which servers you will be takling to.  I suspect that "California" is special for either the fact that is where I believe BoA started or because of the rules of the state and such.  BoA is basically saying we are going to offer certain deals to people in California and other deals for people that are not in California.

What this just means to the user of Quicken is that if you try to connect to the wrong BoA "financial institution setting" it might not be able to see your accounts, because your accounts are not serviced by those servers.

Now if we aren't just takling about a different financial institution name (and as such different servers), but also a different type of connection like going from Express Web Connect to Direct, that can certainly affect the reliability of how you are connecting.

Web Connect/Manual - Dowload from financial institution's web site.
Express Web Connect - Quicken tries to automatically log into fianncial institution's web site.  Quicken may or may not support for your financial institution.
Direct/(OFX protocol) - Contact specail OFX server and use a set protocol for downloading so no problems with changing web sites.  Financial institution may not support this and you might have to pay for it.  It is needed to do bill pay through Quicken to your financial institution.

All the above accounts are supported by BoA.  I hear the charge for Direct, but if you get the right accounts or such they might wave fees.
  • Thanks for the explanation, but what puzzles me is Bank of America - California had been working for me over the years, it just stop working all of a sudden. All of my accounts are indeed in CA.
  • It is strange.  I think the only one that can answer that is BoA.

    BoA did go through some problems when Quicken 2011 first came out, but that started in November and was pretty much taken care of by the start of January, and was mostly for "non California".
  • I could not change my password for "Bank of America - All Other  States" in the password vault nor download transactions (error code cc-503).  All changes were rejected, even the existing password!  I deactivated One Step Update for Bank of America and then reactivated it.  One Step Update is now  showing "Bank of America - Quicken", whatever that is, but the accounts are updating normally again.

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