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What would you pay for "Quicken Mobile sync"?

I hear lots of people complaining about the lack of a way to sync with their mobile devices, but I wonder what they would pay for such a program/service.  It has been my experience that people demand such things, and then think that they should be free or cost $1.  So lets here is it what would you pay?  And since the code would have to be developed and maintained for each platform and as such would need X amount of money for each throw in what device(s) you would pay for and how much.

Please Note I don't work at Intuit and have no influence on if such a product will be made (or licensed), I'm just a curious user of Quicken (which doesn't have a mobile device to sync to).
    Add $9.99 to the price of the each version of Quicken- or $4.99 per year as an APP.  Would  be a nice add-on - or at least make interface with the Quicken Desktop
      Pocket Quicken was such a product for the Palm, and I used it for a few years until it was sent off into the sunset by Intuit.  I don't remember what I paid for it, but I assume it was under $20, or I wouldn't have purchased it.  An average app price would probably get the least comment from the general public on price.  My only caveat is that they make sure the product is working great, not just kind of, especially considering the potential of new customers entering their market, while not alienating its long-time users in the process.  I have said goodbye to some excellent products on the Palm platform where the company just couldn't seem to get it right on the iPhone or BlackBerry platforms (after patiently waiting for months to get basic functionality).
        I would gladly pay a monthly fee for the convenience of being able to enter transactions, check balances, run reports, etc. via my iPhone!!! Depending on how much functionality the app offered and how well it integrated with Quicken on my desktop, I think about $4.95-$9.95/month is reasonable. PLEASE, INTUIT, PLEASE!!!!!
        Other companies can do it for under $20 per version--most for under $10 per version. Which is what I am willing to pay--and I do.

        I think Intuit took PQ off the market because they wanted to make us salivate for a new one. Intuit's pricing structure is usually out of line with reality already--notice they have don't offer an upgrade on any product (that I've ever bought), and always sell so many services with their products one gets numb from turning them off.
        • I don't think Inuit sells "upgrades" for the very fact that they tend to be more of a pain then anything else.  An upgrade implies changing files and such from the version you have to some other version.  This can be a very error prone thing to do.  Intuit always installs a new full version of the product, which is a better thing to do.  And people expect a "upgrade" to cost less even though it is in fact technically more challenging to put out then a full release.

          On the other hand to lots of people "upgrade" simply means a discount for getting a new release.  Intuit in fact does do this.  You might not like how much they discount ($10) or you might be able to get a better deal by just buying from Amazon/Costco (you certainly can!), but that doesn't mean they don't offer it.

          In truth I bought Quicken 2011 Deluxe several days before it even official came out at Costco (Costco jumped the gun) for $40, and Costco was even running a special for in January for $20.  And that entitles you to 3 years for service/downloading.  If you choose to upgrade only every 3 years then either of these choices for the full Quicken (not a sync partial application on the phone) is far cheaper then what anyone on here (except the $0.00) says they will pay for the mobile sync.

          BTW I think Intuit ended the licensing on PQ because it wanted to pursue its own mobile solutions.  I'm not entirely clear if that meant Mint, but seems like there might have been more intended like actual mobile applications, but that there have been some kind of problems in developing them.
        I've been using Pocket Quicken on my old iPaq pda with Quicken 2010 with no problems.  Now I hear that it'll stop working if I upgrade to 2011?  Why does Intuit feel the need to break things that are working.  Pocket Quicken isn't developed or maintained by Intuit so it costs them nothing.  I see no good reason for Intuit to have changed their file format to break Pocket Quicken unless they're just doing it out of spite.  

        If Intuit would develop a mobile app that syncs with Quicken and NOT break it with every new version, I'd be willing to pay $50 for it.  Especially if it ran on Windows Phone 7 as that would allow me to retire the iPaq instead of having to tote around two devices.
        • Some people have got Pocket Quicken to work on Quicken 2011, search around and you should find the posts for it.
        • I argue that mobile sync is a one time cost if the executable is device point-to-point.  However, if the syncing includes the cloud concept of storing then I support a subscription pricing model.  I am using task programs that have smartly built a cloud central DB with multi-device syncing.  The cloud provides the sync mechanism and having a central DB in the cloud for the tasks a great model for master DB but providing excellent backup.  Given quicken does not produce that much data there should not be a large DB size requirement, i.e. cost of storage.  My quicken DB over 10 years is only 75mb so even a more heavy user of 100mb is not much relative to DB cost structures these days.
        • The idea that Quicken has not support ed(or created) an Ipad app at this late stage in the game is mind-blowing. The lack of a partnership with Apple has been a bone of contention in my home for quite a while. My spouse and kids run on Macs and I'm a Windows guy by necessity. Get with the program already! I have been a Quicken user for 16 years and have faithfully paid for each upgrade (extortion in many cases, since prior file formats were sunset to shake down the long-term users into an upgrade). I'd price it at 2.99 per month via subscription and/or 19.99 for an annual subscription - with perhaps an opportunity to bundle it with a quicken annual upgrade at 14.99 - limited functionality is the key - not all features are needed IMHO - get me access my register entries and account balances, along with ability to download transactions from financial institutions, then at the end of an ipad session,  sync it all via to a "cloud locker" of my account - done!
        • I would happily pay $20-$25 for an iPhone/iPad app that would sync with the desktop version of Quicken.  I have zero interest in the cloud-based Mint app.
        • Intuit should factor in a risk element to their thinking.  How much business will they lose without a mobile app?  There are many disgruntled Quicken users that may be ready to jump to the first offering of a desktop solution with a mobile app.  Or, if they feel that they need $20+ for the app, that may speed the flight.

          Offering a quality mobile app at a fair price does not / will not eventually replace their desktop solution - it will strengthen it and solidify their position as the premier consumer finance application!
        • "Intuit should factor in a risk element to their thinking. How much business will they lose without a mobile app?"

          Wow. I bet they never thought of that until you brought it to their attention.

          And, of course, you not only know for a certainty what would be good for Intuit ... but you have absolutely no customer bias. Regardless of how much you want this for yourself ... you'd be happy to live without it ... if only Intuit weren't so foolish as to not know what was good for them.

          I'm sure they appreciate your concern for their well being.
        • With a name like NoWayJose, I assume you are in the strategic planning  end of this business.  Who is the president of Intuit's Personal Finance Division? Hmm. Let's see, it is Mr. Patzer who sold to Intuit.  Who might lose substantially if Intuit were to introduce a successful mobile app for Quicken?  Hmm.  You probably know the answer.  

          Intuit is no no rush to supplant with a $9.95 app, let alone one for $29.95.  They have to protect their $170 MM investment in, especially a business plan that Mr. Patzer most likely submitted that valued the buyout at $170 MM (investment value is based on future cash flows typically).

          The only way Intuit will ever release a mobile app for Quicken is they are confronted with a desktop product from a company with similar resources that provides similar functionality and a  mobile app as well.  MSFT tried and failed.  But surprises do happen.  The tech industry is full of enterprising entrepreneurs and companies.  Go look at eMoney. What if they integrate downward into a personal finance product?
        • bmclachlan,

          You do realize that everyone posting here is just another Quicken user, and just expressing their opinion?
          If you read the original post you will see that this was just me asking the users here what they would pay for a mobile sync, mostly just out of curiosity, because lots of people ask for things, but are not willing to pay for them, and just wondered, nothing more.

          What Intuit is going to do or not do for the mobile users? , I don't know, but there is one thing for sure, that Intuit knows people want these mobile applications, now if they think they should work on them or not??  Well frankly they are not saying so no one really knows, but I'm sure they will do what they think is best for their business.
        • I certainly realize that.  In fact, for the last couple of years (and before Intuit changed the forum software), there was quite a bit of discussion about why Intuit won't offer a mobile app after they so rudely discontinued Pocket Quicken (err - forced Landware to discontinue it).  I certainly would like a Droid compatible app of Quicken having converted from the old Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone to an android phone.  But I really have given up waiting as I do not believe they are in any rush.

          I hope I am proven dreadfully wrong on this but I believe I am witnessing a case where a company really has no competition so it can do as it pleases without fear of losing market share.  And, while I have no market data to prove this, it is my feeling that a mobile app to synchronize with desktop Quicken really would not cut into's usage anyway.

          BTW, there used to be a number of Quicken staffers who would peruse the community forum and every so often provide some help.  Has Intuit stopped that as well?
        • Well there are a few Intuit employees that look at a few of the posts (or should I say they post to a few questions) and the "announcement" section is where the forum moderator posts (and she posts in the SuperUser lounge).  But I think they have made it pretty clear that this forum is really for user to user discussions, and any ideas/feedback for Intuit should go to the Quicken Inner Circle (and/or Help -- Submit Feedback on Quicken).  And there is plenty in the Quicken Inner Circle about mobile applications.  Of course over in the Quicken Inner Circle some times people try to post questions that should have gone to customer support or here.

          Personally I agree I don't think Mint/Quicken/Sync to Mobile take away from each other, because they either could work together or the for then non "cloud" folks they would never use Mint anyways.

          On the other hand I wouldn't be surprised that someone convinced the upper management that the "cloud" is cheaper and the way the world is going so just focus on it and not worry about anything that syncs with the old world (Quicken), and even push people towards it if possible.

          NoWayJose has even speculated that Quicken is a loss leader for Intuit, and I wouldn't be too surprised if that was the case.

          Also personally I do have security concerns with the current "cloud" models, but even more then that there is the simple fact that Mint only works for high school and college kids finances (at best).  Mint is missing so much of what is needed to track my finances.
        I'm not a "mobile" guy, just got a regular (pre-pay) cell phone last year, so I don't really have a high stake in all of this.  But I think the Quicken Inner Circle is the place for real feedback to Intuit on it, but you are probably right that for whatever reason they are pushing away from Quicken towards Mint, and frankly from what I have seen when someone convinces upper management to go one way (Buy Mint), it takes quite a bit to turn the boat again.
        • You can also go here and submit your concerns.
        • I'd happily pay dearly (at least what I pay for the current desktop program) for a full-functioned version of Quicken for the iPad, including PC sync and AirPrint capabilities. I do not want to keep my personal info in the cloud (ala Mint), but would be real interested in Dropbox integration.  I've been a Quicken user for more than a decade, and would hate to have to move to something because Intuit fails to leap at the iPad opportunity.  That time is coming soon, tho', so please move soon!
        • I used Pocket Quicken for years and years.  I started using it all the way back when I had a mobile HP device that had a mobile version of DOS and through every version available for a Windows Mobile device.  I now have a Windows Phone 7 and an iPad 2.  I'll take a mobile version of either one of those please, please please.
          I tried and hated it.  I could only add half of my accounts because the others weren't available.  The fact that it doesn't sync makes it useless for me anyway.
          I would probably pay up to $30 for an app if I had to.  I have been using Quicken for at least 15 years and don't plan on changing that.

        I wouldn't pay a penny more than the price of the app. and free upgrades until major version updates. other companies are doing it. why can't Quicken do it? what they are not making enough money already? The app to sync desktop to mobile should be all part of the package.  I'm a Mac and iPhone user. but I don't think that should make a difference.  I think we should all, windows and mac users should be able to get a "complete" financial software that today's pace of life demands.  Mint doesn't even get close.  I need to be able to see the exact info. that I have on my desktop as I updated on a daily basis. and be able to sync on the same network or over the internet if I have my system to accept the connection.  

        • I have used Quicken to track my finances for several years.  I used pocket quicken for the Palm then the smart phone version and loved it.   I have tried and hate it.  It is missing the interaction with Quicken and all the history I have with Quicken is lost.  I would pay as much as $25-$30 for pocket quicken for windows mobile.
        • With the release of Quicken 2011, Pocket Quicken will no longer sync. I tried IneSoft's Cash Organizer 2011 this weekend but could never get it to work, even though they promise it works with Quicken 2011. It's $30.

          There are others (search at Handango for a lot of choices), but only a few sync with Quicken, and of those, it appears they don't support beyond 2006 - either that or they need to update their descriptions.

          I would indeed pay for a mobile app. But all most people need, if they're using Quicken, is a simple application that they can use to enter a quick expense (gas, meal, etc.) and then sync up with the desktop version when they get home. It doesn't necessarily need to have its own budgeting, reporting and other fancy stuff. I can understand some people would like all those things, but for me it's not necessary.

          I'm a Windows Mobile user (6.0), but I plan to upgrade my smart phone to a new Windows Phone 7 device. I'm not interested in any other platform.

          I can't believe there are so few users of a mobile complement to Quicken that Intuit can't invest in producing one. And it was remarkably short-sighted to end Landware's license without providing an alternative.

        • I have been a Windows Quicken user for about 10 years.  I travel often and lug my computer along so I can update my accounts daily.  (I'm a bit anal retentive).  I just ordered and IPad2 and was hoping to find a Quicken application for that platform - but that does not look promising.  I don't want to lug my laptop along any more, thinking the IPad will do just about anything else I want - wi-fi, video conferencing, surfing, Netflix, etc.  I would be happy to pay a hefty price for the Quicken connection.  Put my name on the list of Quicken junkies who need an IPad fix.
        • Intuit must be trying to figure out their mobile strategy. Clearly they need mobile support on the major mobile platforms of Apple, Android, and Blackberry with possible support for WP7 and WebOS. It seems like they could add least start out with some basic support using the mobile browser that would be cross platform compatible with most major smartphone operating systems. Maybe they are looking to the Mint team to help solidify this strategy since Mint already has some mobile support. I've got to believe that Intuit will address this gap sometime soon.
        • I have already told you more than I know about this, but I happened to hear an ad today on the radio that GoToMyPC has a free app for the ipad2.  Went to their web site and it looks like there overall service runs 9.95 a month for 1 computer.
        • If you are going to go the remote desktop route you might look into LogMeIn.  The machine you are controlling can be a Windows or Mac machine, and this part is free (as long as you don't want advanced features like transferring files).  You can also use the free one from a Windows/Mac PC, but from an iPhone, IPad, and iPad touch, or Android you have to purchase "LogMeIn Ignition" application, which looks like $29.99.

        • I would pay $20+ for Quicken for Ipad.  I've used Quicken for 8+ years and would love to have iPad app.

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