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how do I copy only certain transactions to another file?

I need to transfer some of the project/job files to another one because it's getting too full.  Once I copy it, would I be able to safely remove those files from the original file?  What would be the best way to do this?  I want to be able to access all files.
Thank you
I have Home & Business 2010
    If you click on the first entry, then go down to the last entry & shift+ Left click, all of the entries will be highlighted.  Then Right click and select "copy transactions".  Then go to the account you want to transfer them to Right click again & select "paste transactions"

    You can delete them later by highlighting them again & right click & select "Cut Transactions"  As always, recommend that you backup your data before you try to make major changes - just in case.
      FYI: Quicken "Copy/Paste" does not work from one Quicken "file" to another - for multiple transactions.

      Only from one Quicken (compatible) "account" to another (in the same file).
      • This doesn't work on my H&B2009. Any other suggestions for copying and transfering multipule transactions.

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