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Can no longer update my Bank of America Credit Card in Quicken 2011

When running One Step update this morning all of my accounts updated except for my Bank of America Credit Card.  The error message I received was CC-800.  I deactivated the account in One Step and tried to activate it again only to find that Bank of America is no longer recognized as a financial institution.  Does anyone know why?  I can't believe that a bank as large as Bank of America doesn't offer this service in Quicken.
  • Were you setup for Direct Connect downloads?  Could BofA possibly have disabled your ability to do DC d/ls from their end?  I would check with them and see what they have to say.
  • Yes, I've been using Direct Connect downloads for all my banks, and investment accounts including my Bank of America Credit Card account.  The problem is that BOA no longer appears when trying to activate the account for One Step.  It appears that Quicken no longer supports BOA and my only alternative is through web connect.  Somehow I find it hard to believe that a banking institution the size of Bank of America isn't supported by Quicken!
This link shows which Quicken download services the FIs support:
It shows several different BofAs, so I don't know which is yours.
There were several announcements about BofA lately, but I don't believe any of them are still outstanding, see "Announcements from Intuit" on the main page of the forum.

If you do a Web Connect download (leave some behind for later d/l if possible) to establish the account info in Quicken, maybe it will find it then.
  • BofA can still download to Q2011.

    If you don't see the name in a list of names to choose from, key the name yourself.  

    "Bank of America".

    Later during the setup process, Quicken should ask you which one.
  • Thanks to you both for the info.  While Bank of America - All Other States does appears in the list of banks supported by Quicken BOA no longer appears within the Quicken program itself.  When I try to add Bank of America within the program it doesn't list any BOA accounts at all which it has before.  All I get is a blank, empty list, zilch. zero, nada.  In other words Bank of America doesn't come up at all.
  • I uninstalled, then reinstalled Quicken 2011 which solved the problem.  As it turned out I wasn't able to add any new accounts at all because the program wasn't recognizing any banks at all.  I'm not sure what caused this problem.  The only thing that I can think of is a program named Rapport which was offered to me by Bank of America.  It's a security program which is suppose to work with your antivirus program and the Windows Firewall.  I uninstalled this program as well prior to reinstalling Quicken..
  • I am having this exact problem.  It has worked great for a while, then all of my Bank of America accounts stopped updated.  Now Checking and Savings are back to updating and Credit Card no longer updates.

    Using support is a joke.

    This is quite frustrating.  Perhaps I'll try uninstall and reinstall as that has worked for Ken.
  • RichD-One - What used to be Bank of America All other States is now simply Bank of America Credit Card.  If I were you I would first deactivate One Step for Bank of America then activate it again for Bank of America Credit Card.  Good luck.  Ken
  • Hmm.  I used to select "Bank of America - WA and ID".  That choice is no longer on the list.  Using either "Bank of America" or "Bank of America Credit Card" seems to be giving me the same results.  It seems a little odd to use the Credit Card one because it does all three of my accounts together (checking, savings, and credit).

    When setting up online services for the accounts, I enter my credentials and it finds my accounts no problem.  I associate them with my account in Quicken and after a while, it proceeds to set them up.  Then, when Updating, it says they all three suceeded.  However, no transactions are downloaded for my credit account.  I can see transactions waiting when I log in directly at the Bank of America website.

    Sigh, I'll keep trying!
  • What do you mean when you say 'you can see transactions waiting?  Do you mean 'pending?'  If there pending there not going to post in Quicken until they post to your Bank of America account.  If you chose Bank of America Credit Card only when setting up the account again it shoudl've just set up your credit card account.  I can't be sure as I don't have any other accounts at BOA.   Are you getting any error messages?  By the way "Bank of America - WA and ID" are no longer a choice.  Its simply Bank of America Credit Card.
  • I just mean that when I log on to the Bank of America web site and view my credit account, I see a lot of transations there there that Quicken is no longer downloading.  Quicken hasn't brought anything from that account down since 4/4/11.  At the BoA website, I see about 30 transactions between 4/4 and 4/22 that have not been downloaded.

    When I choose any one Bank of America bank from the list (like Bank of America Credit Card), it sets up all three of my accounts with BoA (checking, savings, and credit).  Also, when I say "Update now" from within my credit account, it also updates checking and savings.  I just view the many quirks like this that Quicken has a bugs.  Or at least, poor design.

    Yes, I see that "Bank of America - WA and ID" is gone.  I suspect that is part of the problem here.  I started another post to see if anyone knows why.

    Thanks for your help.
  • If I were you I would deactivate all of your BoA accounts in Quicken and then add them again.  You are totally wrong about BoA Credit Card as I have added it and its finally working properly.  BoA has eliinated both BoA - WA and ID and BoA - All Other States and has combined them into BoA Credit Card.
Just got a BofA Visa card. Set it up in Q2008 and Q2011. Both versions used "Bank of America - All Other States" as the fi name. Possibly because we already had accounts (non-credit card accounts) using that financial institution name (though I also set the account up in a New, empty, Q2011 file and got the same fi name).

I wasn't even asked for the specific fi name during the account setup process. I told Quicken the fi was "Bank of America", then gave Quicken the user-id and password when asked. At the conclusion of the setup process, I had a new Quicken credit card account with "Bank of America - All Other States", and the few transactions we had already charged to the card were waiting to be Accepted into the account.

[Q2008 Premier R9 U.S. and Q2011 RPM R8 U.S.  Windows XP Pro SP3]
  • That's strange.  I am no longer getting Bank of America - All Other States or Bank of America - WA and ID, I simply  get Bank of America Credit Card.  BofA is now downloading transactions as they post to my BofA account.  I use to have to go to the Bank of America website and download each statement.  My problem was resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the Quicken 2011 program.  See my post from yesterday.
  • I've tried using all three BofA institutions listed in Quicken and I can only update my BofA Cash Rewards Credit Card by selecting "Bank of America - WA and ID". With that said, I'm able to download transactions by selecting "Bank of America - WA and ID" for about a week or so. Then it stops working (downloading transactions) and gives an error.

    My workaround - deactivate the account from One Step, then re-add the account to update with "Bank of America - WA and ID".

    Not exactly an answer, I know, and not sure who's the blame for the problem but while Quicken and BofA point fingers, this will get you downloading transactions again.
I was able to solve this problem myself back in late April and thought I had closed this issue.  Bank of America no longer uses Bank of America - WA & ID or All Other.  They simply use B of A or B o A Credit Card, that"s it.  I have been updating my B o A Credit Card since the end of April without a problem, although it has to be updated by itself on some occasions.
  • I'm guessing you have only the BofA credit card with Bank of America.

    I have checking, savings and a credit card with BofA ... all those accounts download with no problems from "Bank of America - All Other States".
  • I have a checking account with B of A which I added in Quicken 2011 Premier as simply Bank of America period.  I have never had an issue updating my checking with B of A because this account updates via direct connect.  However, my B of A Credit Card updates via web connect which as you know is different.  Like I said previously, this issue has been resolved, ad I would like to thank everyone for their feedback.  It was very much appreciated.

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