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Merge Securities

Somehow, I have two securities listed in Quicken for the same mutual fund. One is listed as "FID FREEDOM 2040" and another as FIDELITY FREEDOM 2040. They both have the same stock symbol (FFFFX).Is there any way to merge the two entries? Also I am able to download Asset Classes on one of them, the other one comes up as unclassified. I am hoping the merger will solve this problem as well...
    First, I would check to see which one is matched to your online security that is downloading (I presume) from Fidelity (I presume)._ Then you'll know which is the right one and the wrong one._ To 'merge' them, I would replace the wrong name with the right name in each applicable transaction._ Using the find security and with the_right name in your copy and paste clipboard, it really doesn't take very long._ When complete, you can delete the wrong-name version since there are no transactions dealing with it.The other way to merge them it to enter a Corporate Acquisition transaction with right name acquiring wrong name._ It works but doesn't leave your records in as neat a condition._ HTH
    • Using corporate acquisition won't work if you already have another security with the correct name. You will get an error message that the name is already in use.
    • RDG wrote:  "Using corporate acquisition won't work if you already have another security with the correct name. You will get an error message that the name is already in use."

      I beleive you are confusing Corporate Acquisition (the suggested step) with Corporate Spinoff (not applicable in this case).  The Corporate Spinoff transaction will balk if the company you indicate as being spun off already exists in your database.
    • I follow q.lurker's response; but altho I have a "find and replace" function under "Edit" on the toolbar, there is no "security" option - nor can I find the function anywhere else.  Can anyone help?  Thanx!
    • I didn't say anything about the "find and replace" function.  I said to use the find function to advance to each use of the 'bad' security name, then use Paste (Ctrl-V if set to Windows keyboard mapping) to replace the 'bad' security name with the desired security name.
    • Ohhhhh.  Thanx for such a quick response!  Unfortunately this isn't much help to me.  W/out going into the whole story (which I submitted on a new thread), my difficulty has turned out to be that the way I set up the accounts doesn't allow me to change the security holding: the choice is grayed out.  The accounts are set up as IRAs, which is apparently the problem - and there is no way to change them.  :-(
    • BTW, which view are you in that the "find" function sends you specifically to the security name so that you only have to hit Delete and then Ctrl-V?  I can't even figure out how to do that!
    • CynL asked "BTW ..."

      I am in the transaction list for the account in question.  Ctrl-F pops up the find window.  Clicking 'Find' takes me to the next applicable transaction.  Clicking on the security name, highlights that field, Ctrl-V overwrites that prior security name.

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