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Update #12 from Quicken Marcus

This is going to be a really exciting year.  There’s a lot to talk about.

The New Quicken Mac Product

Many of you have asked what is going to be in the new Quicken Mac product and I’m excited to be able to share that with you now.  Quicken Mac 2015 will have an improved user experience, deeper investment capabilities with transactions and holding lots and support for Quicken mobile and receipt capture.   Of course you’ll have control of whether you want to be able to sync your data with your mobile device via the Quicken Cloud. 

Last year when I asked this community about what you wanted to see in the next version of Quicken Mac you spoke up and said investments and mobile were 2 of the top things you wanted to see and this contributed to our feature prioritization planning. Your feedback was very helpful so please continue to provide comments.  I read every comment made on the Quicken Marcus updates. If you want an even bigger impact on the Quicken Mac product, please sign up and help us beta test the new product.

Speak Up! Mac Beta Testers Needed

Get an early look at Quicken Mac 2015 by signing up for the beta at   By beta testing the software, you’re helping us run through thousands of unique situations that will help us fine tune the product before we release to the general public. Don’t worry if you’re not a tech person. We’ll be doing a bunch of surveys asking for your opinion and input that will help us tweak the current product but also plan for the next release. We’re also looking for people who are willing to help us test the software using real accounts and their own unique computer setup. It’s important that the new Mac product get tested in lots of different situations and environments.

Is this a Quicken Mac 2007 Update?

In previous posts I saw people wondering if this would be an update of Quicken 2007.  The new Quicken Mac won't be an update of that product.  I spoke about this in an earlier update, but we can’t continue building on top of the Quicken 2007 code base.  It was written before OS X and Intel Macs and is several decades old.  What does this mean?  It means that every time Apple ships a new operating system Quicken 2007 could stop working.  This happened when Lion released and Apple decided to remove Rosetta which was a software tool to allow old software to run on the new Intel based Macs.  It took a bunch of developers 8 months to get 2007 working again on Lion even though they didn’t add any new features.  This happened again this year with Mavericks.  Because of our close partnership with Apple we were warned in early 2012 that Apple was going to remove legacy printing code in Mavericks that Quicken 2007 relied on.  We jumped in and fixed it before Mavericks shipped so Quicken 2007 customers wouldn't run into this issue.   So far we've been lucky that we've been able to work around the issues.  I'm afraid this won't last forever.  This is an unsustainable situation for the long term.

A New Modern Software Foundation

From time to time software companies have to rewrite their code from scratch and modernize it so it is optimized and performs well on the latest and greatest operating systems which brings with it better security, stability and the capability to add features faster and in a more comprehensive way.  Apple itself has been doing the same thing by updating some of their products such as Final Cut Pro, iTunes and iWork.

This is our plan too.

The new product is built on the Quicken Essentials foundation but this does NOT mean the feature set is limited or that the product will have to look like Quicken Essentials.  We've already made many user interface changes like incorporating account balances in the sidebar like Quicken Windows and making the fonts larger in the register so it’s easier to read.  This is one of my favorite features since I have a hard time seeing small text on the computer screen because of my aging eyes.  We’ve conducted some surveys with early beta customers and they love the new look and direction.  In any case, we know there are a bunch of things Quicken 2007 users would like to see in future Mac updates and I want to assure you that building on top of Quicken Essentials does not limit us in any way.   In fact it frees us to innovate, build features faster and take advantage of the great new capabilities built into every Mac.

Thanks again for your continued support of Quicken and please sign-up for beta so you can have a say in the current and future Quicken Mac product.  Here's the link again:   To get notified of future Quicken Marcus posts please follow Quicken on Twitter, @Quicken.

  • Will the QMac 2015 beta and the retail release be able to import QMac (Lion) 2007 data, iBank 5 qif export data, etc.
  • Yes, QMac 2015 will support importing Quicken Mac 2007 data.  The first beta won't allow any import but we should have it working by the second or third beta.  In the first release we won't support iBank.
  • I'd like to know if something similar to the QMac 2007 'PayCheck' feature will be available and if so, will it support something similar to Classes?
  • Will QMac 2015 also allow for file import from Quicken Windows?
  • Supporting iBank import is critical to getting back to Intuit those of us who left for iBank. Just saying.
  • Moneydance import would also be helpful.
  • Marcus: I appreciate the detailed update. I'll be happy if Quicken Mac 15 supports all the features of Quicken 2007 at release, including in-app bill pay and direct download. Importing from other apps (iBank, Moneydance, etc.) will also be important if you want to win back users, though you'll have to convince them that Quicken Mac 15 is the real deal. One question: You wrote that the first beta won't allow any import. Does that mean that it won't even import/open Quicken 2007 files? That's going to be essential if you want beta testers to use it with real data. Thanks.
  • Yes, the first beta won't have any import capabilities.  Our team is focused on adding the investment and mobile features first.  It takes quite a bit of effort and testing to get import working properly especially now that we support investments.  We have to add the ability to import Quicken 2007 and Quicken Windows investment data which was never required before for Quicken Essentials because of it's limited investment capabilities.  However we plan to have a lot of beta releases so I'm only talking about the first one.  Testing importing is ideal for beta testing because it's very difficult to test every situation and data type within our offices using fake data.  The best way to test it is through beta testing and having thousands of different people use their own data to really stress the product and hopefully help us find issues before we officially release the product.

    In regards to importing from iBank and other products, this will just have to wait for a post v1.0 release.  I fully get that to bring people back to Quicken we'll need to help them get their data back into the new product but quite honestly it's not a top priority just yet.  We have to have a product with the feature set they need before they will want to bring their data back.  I'm 100% focused on adding the features that our 2007 customers want so we can get them off of that old code base and onto this new platform.  Unfortunately it's going to take more than 1 release.

    For those of you still using 2007 or using Quicken Windows on Mac, please continue to tell me what you want to see in the post 2015 release.  Above I see bill pay, the pay check feature and lots of importing.  What else?
  • Marcus, 100% support for the same protocols that are used by Quicken Windows to interact with banks would be great... it would be really nice to be able to download all my accounts from within Quicken if the bank supports it... no more difference btw QMac and QWin...
  • The new Quicken Mac will download data from over 14,500 financial institutions in the US and Canada but the list isn't exactly the same as Quicken Windows.  We are giving customers the broadest possible selection of financial institutions that we're allowed to for the Mac product.  The differences are not a technology limitation.
  • Hi Marcus

    As a long term Quicken Windows user, here is my wish list for the final release of Quicken Mac:

    Full Investment support, including transactions
    Check Writing
    Either Quicken Bill Pay or allow for Bill Pay from banks that support it
    More robust report writing including Net Worth
    Easier & more accurate method for bank reconciliation
    Ability to easily & accurately import long term files from all Quicken Sources (Windows, Mac 2007 & Essentials)
    Ability to download from at least as many banks & investment brokerages as now found in Quicken Windows

    Thanks for your consideration
  • This list is great and exactly what I'm looking for.  Thanks!

    It would be great to hear more about your bank reconciliation flow and what specifically you think would make it easier and more accurate.
  • Hi Marcus -
    You mentioned "pay check feature" as a post 2015. Does that mean Quicken for Mac 2015 won't have a special pay check transaction setup window like Quicken for Windows does?

    Features from Quicken for Windows I would like to see:
       * Account Hide options like QWin - "Hide in Quicken", "Hide in Account Bar", & "Don't include in Net Worth total" - the last  one is missing from Quicken Essentials
       * "Find & Replace" like QWin
       * Backups like QWin - to Dropbox & iCloud
       * manually arranging transactions (such as dragging above/below other transactions) or deposits automatically listed before payments in a day

    New features I hope to see:
       * Retina Display support
       * Notification Center integration
       * use Reminders for reminders

    I have signed up to beta test and I can't wait to get started.
  • Marcus
    Please consider savings goals accounts as a feature for the 1.0 release

  • Hi Marcus,

    Recognizing I am now using Quicken for Windows, with regard to my bank reconciliation flow, I generally compare my bank statement when received and then choose the reconciliation option for the account I have received the statement. I enter the statement ending date and endoing balance. Usually, the beginning balance is already entered by Quicken. Quicken then shows me the list of deposits and checks with the dates. I double check the dates to ensure they all fall within the startement period. I find the reconciliation balalnce is usually $0 as it should be. However, if I note a discrepancy, I compare the entries against my bank statement to try and identify the error and correct it. I would hope that Quicken Mac will have the reconciliation process closely mirror the process now used by Quicken Windows as it has worked well for me up until now. Please let me know if you need more detail. Thanks.
  • +1
  • I recently discovered that Turbotax for Mac 2013 doesn't import and handle the Quicken Mac 2007 export Capital Gains Report.txf properly (had several long conversations with TT tech support). TT 2012 handled it just fine. I had to enter all my 1099-B forms manually into TT 2013. Please be sure to coordinate with TT to resolve that particular issue. TT partially alleviates the problem by supporting direct import of tax data from financial institutions, but most of my mutual fund companies are not in that list.
  • Marcus,
    Which Mac OSs will Qmac 2015 run on?
  • Marcus, so bottom line is that Quicken Mac 2015 will have full Online Banking capability, making payments, download and reconcile transactions, transfer between accounts, etc?
  • Hi Marcus,

    I will add my thoughts here as well. Although I will be more simplistic. I currently own and run only Mac computers. I run Parallels on them to create a windows XP virtual computer for one program only. (That one program is Quicken) I run Quicken on my Windows virtual machines simply because the Mac version (as you know) is not the same. The Mac version does not have the same capabilities and is far less robust.

    When you ask "what features we would like to see", my answer is always the same. I would like to be able to buy the new Mac version of Quicken, and then transfer the Data from my Windows version to the Mac and simply move on with all the same features. I personally feel that a seamless transition from one platform to another should be your goal. As I said earlier, the only reason I am running Windows on my Mac's is because of Quicken. I would prefer to do away with Parallels.  

    If you and your team were to accomplish this task I'm certain you would see sales of the Mac version increase significantly! You may even find yourself winning some sort of Intuit "Man of the year award". (I'm imagining some sort of gold inlaid computer shaped mahogany plague)

    Anyway, thats what I would like to see. I simply want to do away with my Windows virtual machine.

    Respectfully submitted.
  • Absolutely, 100% spot on! My sentiments exactly.
  • Agreed!  If you could tell us when that will happen (give or take a few months) it will make our hardware plans crystal clear.
  • Marcus, your concern for QFMac 2007 users is understandable, but I sense that at least as many or more QFWindows users want to get off of their XP/Parallels configurations which will soon be unsupported, and onto a current, supported platform. I hope your team will consider prioritizing direct import from QFWindows into the new Mac version to facilitate this.
  • Hmm, I wish I had your (super) sense! Some time ago, I purchased Qwin2011 for a Vista laptop hoping I could move on from my Qmac2007 Leopard Mac. Nope, after 10 days of TS that was a data import flop. Then came Qmac2007 LC. Damn, my wife's Lion iMac couldn't interpret my Quotes data. So, while I understand your concern for a viable Mac Quicken solution - Qwin users are somewhat recent to the waiting game! Poor Marcus - ME, ME, ME!
  • I will add one more thought. If you are curios as to what we want from the Mac version, please don't  re-invent the wheel. I would suggest walking down the hall, or across the court yard, or over to the next cubicle (I'm not certain what the Intuit headquarters set up is) and ask the Windows team to show you their set up. Copy everything exactly and you will have it.

    All kidding aside, I truly feel there is more to this than is being revealed. The solution seems too simple, which tells me there is some other reason that the Windows version of Quicken has not been converted to Mac.
  • Better reports - including cash flow and income and expense.
    Ability to copy reports to clipboard so that I can then paste into excel or export into excel.  I have always been able to do this with Quicken for windows.  Currently the only report that can be exported is tax schedule.
  • Would like to know if bill pay/direct connect is to be included. That is the most important feature for me.
  • Quicken on Mac should of course have the reporting capabilities as in Quicken for Windows.
  • First, Marcus, thanks for the update and for the work you and the rest of the team are putting in.

    Background: I'm a long-time user of Q/Mac. My largest data file has investment transactions back into the 1960s. Several times I have had to prune securities price histories to prevent the "3275 quote" bug. A number of the brokerage registers have 5000+ entries. Recent versions of Q/Windows are unable to handle this data file effectively: registers with that many entries cause it to slow to a crawl. Yet Q/2007 (with all its buggy behavior) still has pretty snappy data entry. Go figure.

    My list of Q2015/Mac requirements:

    1. Make it robust and fast first, then add new features. Once you've added them, make sure it's still robust and fast. Q/Windows has not done this (see below).

    2. Incorporate a well-tested import facility which accepts files from Q2005-2007/Mac, and recent versions of Q/Windows. This should include a robust datafile validation feature (which can also be manually invoked by the user for a Q2015/Mac datafile). This validation should create user-readable log files and be fault-tolerant. Ideally, the user should be told what data is messed up and given the option to fix it.

    3. Handle investment tracking and actions at least as well as Q/2007. Ideally, it should also distinguish between acquisition date and basis date, so that spinoffs and gifts keep the correct basis date. Additionally, 3:1 (and other odd) stock splits should no longer cause unfixable fractional share problems down the road. Brokerage accounts should support repeating transactions (especially dividends).

    4. Handle large data files well. What has happened to Q/Windows is inexcusable: data commit time increases in direct proportion to the number of register entries. Intuit's suggested workaround (deleting older register entries ) is laughable: what kind of investor would delete their historical security transactions, losing cost basis, return on investment and everything else?

    5. DIrect Connect and other protocols should be identical in all respects to Q/Windows, and banks should not have to pay additional license fees to Intuit in order to support Mac users. This misguided practice has gutted the number of banks that support Direct Connect for Mac, and likely has not really contributed much to Intuit's bottom line.

    6. As far as I'm concerned, if you take care of #5, you can ditch check printing. Using Direct Connect, I no longer need to write 90% of my checks; the last few I can easily write by hand. That printing code has got to be a bear to maintain.

    7. Better reporting. Real performance reporting (like time-weighted return), detailed net-worth reporting, more customization options. And please stop clipping the year off x-axis dates!

    8. If I wanted my personal financial data in the cloud, I wouldn't be using Quicken. I am happy that you are making Quicken Cloud a user-selectable option.

    9. This one is a bit of a reach, but if you can develop a "file compare" for .qdfm files, it would be a godsend for those of us who need to audit files or debug problems.

    Marcus, best of luck to you and your team. If you want stress testing done, I am registered with external
  • Marcus,

    Thank you and the Intuit team for all the hard work in putting this new version together.  One VERY IMPORTANT item that no one has mentioned -- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the code so that Q/MAC will accept more that 10,650 transactions!!!  I have run into the "transaction file is full" error" three times now (the most recent being today, which prompted this search for possible long-term solutions).  THe only way I have been able to fix it is to delete older transactions.  I am hopeful, that in addition to "michaelxjw"'s list above you all ail be able to fix this program-stopping bug.

    You had asked him to elaborate on his bank reconciliation comment:
    "It would be great to hear more about your bank reconciliation flow and what specifically you think would make it easier and more accurate."

    Here is what I do--

    First in the "Download" pane:
    Download transactions from the bank

    Accept matched transactions -- this is one of the problem areas as Q/MAC only looks at the $ to be reconciled and occasionally matches to a similar, but incorrect transaction. This is what I think he was talking about in being "more accurate"

    Second issue in this pane is the inability to modify or change the payee -- one can enter it here, and accept but it does not appear in the register.  It has to be reapplied from within the register.

    THird -- it would be nice to be able to copy and paste from this pane -- which would help when categorizing splits.

    Fourth -- It would be nice to be able to manually check the cleared box in the Download window.  Currently not able to do so.

    Then, after accepting all appropriately dated transactions, I go to the reconcile process.

    The most difficult part of this process is if a check, or payment  is written in the previous month, and cashed (or paid out) after the next month's bank closing date of the account, but was accepted and cleared in the downloads window it messes up the previous month's balancing.  It (or they) must then be first discovered, then uncleared, then complete the reconcile process, then RE-clear the previously cleared / then uncleared transactions.  Not sure there is a way out of this, unless the bank information comes across with a "cashed on" date.  IF that is there, it should and could be used to solve the problem -- then only cleared transactions which were cashed or paid out (not written) PRIOR to the balance date could be accounted during the reconcile process.

    Hope that is helpful.  But PLease please please allow us to keep more that 10,650 transactions!!!


Thanks Marcus for the further update. With great certainty, there are a large number of Mac users still running QW on virtual machines. Consequently our expectation level for QFM 2015 begins with the base level of QFW 2014 Premier features including full investment transactions, upgraded reporting, tax forecasting etc. With this baseline baseline and QEM's Mac interface we know you will do your best not to disappoint our expectations. Many of us have  never upgraded our VM beyond XP, soon to be unsupported. It is hoped your timeline on the new product will be before abandonment by Microsoft.


    Hi Marcus...I've just joined the Quicken for Mac external test site and registered to be a beta tester for the new Q15 for Mac. I am a very long term user of QfW and recently made the jump from PC to iMac. Of course, I had held out a long time since I knew that I'd be left without being able to use my Quicken 2010...

    I think I can echo what some of the other folks have said about what to include in the (hopefully soon) release of Q15 for Mac...namely just give us what we had in our current versions of Quicken for PC. The program has served me well over many, many years (as well as TurboTax). the ability to import my Quicken 2010 files from my PC then just move on with my financial tracking on my new iMac would be a dream come true.

    I hope to hear soon that I have been selected as a beta tester for Quicken 2015 for Mac! Keep up the good work...I know many folks using Macs who would 'come back' to Intuit when they hear there is a full fledged version of Quicken out there!



      Just signed up to be a part of the beta and would just love to help ensure a great transition from Quicken 2007 straight to 2015. I've been hanging onto my R.3 of Quicken 2007 for many years, operating on OS 10.6.8. (Guess I couldn't immediately participate in the beta, since my data won't be importable... but on version #2 I'm happy to help out.) Looks like you're on the right track, focusing on full investment tracking. I'd be perfectly happy with the exact type of tracking in 2007, to be honest -- keep it simple, but keep it bug-free. One thing I would also plead with you to focus on is to continue to allow Quicken Download. I check in with my credit card issuers and investment accounts nearly every day to ensure no problems (and because I'm "Type A" like that). I wouldn't want to lose that functionality.

        I'm relieved to hear there's progress. I tried Essentials, and returned it an hour later, and now every single time I crank up ole Q2007, I find myself searching for news on updates. I'd love to beta test, but my biggest issue is classes: will this new version have them? (and I assume it'll have support for other currencies...but if not, that's also a big deal) If so, I'll sign up. 

        • Yes, the new Quicken must have classes OR at least, something comparable that is convertible from Q2007... my wife and I use them to organize our transactions and we consider it essential...
        • Classes allow for quite exact Reports, ie: Project Costs, Trip Expenses, etc., a truly valuable feature!
        • Tags in the pc quicken 2014 version?
        • The new Quicken Mac has tags like Quicken Windows but currently our reports probably aren't as flexible as many of you would like.  When you finally get to beta test the product, I would love to hear about the specific types of reports you're trying to do and what level of customization you'll need.

        Thanks for the update Marcus. I'm particularly excited about the mobile features, as my iPad has quickly become my go-to home computer and it would be terrific to be able to manage my finances there and have the data sync back to the desktop. I look forward to more updates, but in the meantime, have two quick questions:

        1) Will this new version include a smoother, more integrated process for Web Connect downloads? Having to jump out to my browser and log into my bank then go back into Quicken has been a frustration for far-too-long. 

        2) Will you finally be standardizing the Quicken file format so my files can easily be opened in Quicken for Windows? This is an annual problem for my accountants, all of whom use Windows, and it would be amazing to finally have a solution. Frankly, I've always been very confused that you were unable to use a standard database format that works on both platforms.

        Thanks for your time.

        • Quicken Essentials and the new Quicken Mac connect to about 14 thousand financial institutions and we'll auto login and download your transactions for you.   You won't have to go to the website to do this.  In regards to being able to share data between platforms we currently have the Quicken Exchange Format (QXF) which we'll be extending to include investment data.  This is the format used to share data between Quicken Windows and the new Quicken Mac.
        Thank you, Marcus.  Long time Windows Vista Quicken user.  I would like to switch to Mac with Quicken if...   The new Quicken for Mac will offer the same functionality as the Windows version and I can convert the checking and investment history intact and easily.  If you think the functionality won't be as robust or the conversion will be difficult I'll stick with Windows.  Thanks again.

          Marcus, thanks for the update and opportunity to beta test. I'm particularly interested in the mobile features, as my iPad has replaced my PC and MacAir for all but a handful of tasks.

          I realize the difficulty of importing a file formatted for Windows into a Mac, but I hope your team will find a way to allow most of our historical data to be brought across to the new Mac version. I have over 20 years of data in my QFW file that I would like to retain without the hassle of maintaining a Windows version. Apart from investments and mobile (which you've addressed), this was and is my biggest concern about a new Mac version. I look forward to seeing it soon.

          • This feature seems absolutely essential to me.  I'm in the same boat and  can't imagine having to maintain a legacy version of Quicken for Windows on Parallels -- why would I switch?

          The new Quicken 2015 needs to have all the Direct Connect features of 2007 (downloading transactions, and sending bank payments), as well as the ability to Direct Connect to all the financial institutions that the Windows version on Quicken can connect to.  Without this I don't see any reason to upgrade.  Thanks.

          • I concur. Because we have a multitude of accounts that need regular updating, we always use Direct Connect coupled with Quicken 2007's One-Step feature.

            Thanks, Marcus.

          Great to hear that there actually is a "new" Quicken for Mac on the horizon.  I had bought Quicken 2007LC, but had a few problems and decided to stick with my 2006 version.  I'm still running 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) because I had a couple of non Lion compatible programs I was using and didn't want to give up yet.  I finally decided I'd wait to upgrade the OS until there was a new Quicken.  I'm more dependent on Quicken than any program I use.

          If I'm sticking to my Quicken 06 (15.0.6 R7), will I be able to upgrade those files directly to the new Quicken or will I have to go through 2007 first?  

          • We won't be able to directly import Quicken 2006 data so you will need to bring it into the Quicken 2007 format first.
          • Will the Quicken Essentials users (I am one) be able to port directly to Quicken 2015?

          Hope the new Quicken for Mac will be able to use or import from Quicken for Windows (I am using 2013) database.  I've been using Quicken on a Win7 virtual machine running on Mac OS X.  Would like to get back to Quicken in native Mac environment.

            Hello, do you have an idea about the anticipated release date? Based on the title, do you anticipate releasing it in 2015? I am using Quicken for Windows, but just got a Mac recently so I am looking for a financial software for it. If Quicken 2015 for the Mac will be out soon, I don't want to shell out 50 bucks for the old version when the new is 'round the corner. However, if the release will be in 2015 or so, then I have to look into getting some type of financial software because 2015 is still a long way to go. Thanks.

              Allow one user to express budget functionality needs.  Please, please, please allow variably budget values for different months for different categories.  For instance.  I won't need to budget values for Heating Oil during the warmer months of the year, but will have values for, say, October through March.  Q2007 allows this, but QEM forces you to estimate your total annual budget then divide by 12.  While this may work for a 12 month period is it truly unacceptable for someone who tracks their budget on a month to month basis.

              Also, transfer values should not appear twice on a Budget v Expense report.  The expenses should end up in the final target account/category.

              Finally, please release this soon!!!

                Marcus, this comment concerns the mobile features planned for the new Quicken for Mac.

                I am a long-time QFWindows user who upgraded to the 2014 version in the hope that it would offer a more full-featured mobile client, in particular, one that would have investment and fixed asset balances synchronized with my QFW desktop version. This is important to me and probably others because I travel extensively and primarily use my iPad when away, often for several weeks at a time. The current Quicken mobile client borders on useless for anything other than checking bank balances, which I do from my bank's app, anyway.

                Ideally, what I'd like to have for the iPad is the same functionality as the desktop version, similar to the iPad iBank client available from IGG. In fact, if the QMac and iPad version were interchangeable, it would be an outstanding competitive advantage for Intuit. I can appreciate that some users are apprehensive about using a Cloud solution. However, the Cloud could still be leveraged by giving users who want to use it the option of storing their data with a secure storage provider such as Dropbox, or even Intuit.

                One final observation. I have had a long career in IT and am currently an IT Architect for a major life science company. One of my current projects is to implement a new ERP system using SAAS (software as a service). I know that Intuit has done this for a number of years for Quickbooks and Turbo Tax, so why not do it for both QFMac and QFWindows. If users want to retain control of their data and store it locally on a home PC or Mac, let them. If they want Intuit or Dropbox to do it, offer them that option, too. Intuit's business model for personal finance software needs to evolve away from requiring a locally installed copy of Quicken toward the model it has for QB or TurboTax. I would gladly pay the same price as hosted TurboTax for such a service, which would eliminate the need for maintaining a PC or Mac. Hopefully, future offerings from Intuit will evolve in the direction.

                I look forward to the Beta and your surveys. Thanks.
                • While I can see merit in torbikba's SAAS point, for our purposes we need to continue using Quicken 2007 daily (eg, for analysis; payment recording and scheduling; report generation and printing) in environments without Internet/web access (eg,  in commercial and charter aircraft; trains; limousines; remote conference locations).

                  If Intuit were to implement a SAAS-based model for Quicken, we would still need the noted off-net/web capabilities.

                  Thanks, Marcus.

                Great news! I am glad you are deciding to build on the Quicken Essentials base vs. a port of the over bloated PC version. QE blows PC version out of the water for downloading transaction speed and auto categorizes transactions better.


                  Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I just applied to be a beta tester. Keep up the good work. I"m sure Quicken 2015 will not be all things to all people, but it sounds like you guys put a lot of work into thinking this through & prioritizing resources where you can. I'm one of the 2007 holdouts. I have Essentials on my Mac & hate it, but it sounds like 2015 will have some improvements that will make it a worthwhile upgrade. 

                  Thanks for sharing a bit of what's under the hood. I look forward to beta testing this, or if I don't make the cut, using it once it comes out. I think the tie in to mobile, plus the changes to investments will be enough of an upgrade to make it worth it for me.

                  • Please do sign-up for beta.  We'd love to get your input early and I'm especially interested in Quicken 2007 users and what they think of the product.  I feel we'll still be missing a few big things that 2007 years will want but I'm hoping that there will be a few of you who are investors that might find enough in this product to get you to switch.

                    Also I'm really interested in hearing what you don't like about Quicken Essentials so we can add them to our backlog of things to consider tweaking and fixing.  That's what all of us on the team are doing.  For example I've always hated the clouds.  They are gone.  I've also disliked the category list with the bubbles.  This has also been removed in the main register but we haven't had the time to remove it completely from the product so you'll still see it in various places in the beta but we'll remove it completely before we ship.  I'm looking for big and small things.

                    All feedback is welcome.
                  • I don't see the beta posted at the External Testing site - when do you expect to rollout the initial release?
                  • The beta isn't ready yet.  We're probably at least a month or 2 away from releasing beta 1 but please do sign-up.  I'm planning to do some surveys to kick off the beta program shortly but just haven't had the time to write them up and to work with our beta team to get them posted.  Sorry about the wait.
                  • Marcus,

                    First and foremost, the investment part of things in general, but that’s a common complaint, so no need to go into detail there.
                    The other big thing is the graphs/ reporting. They seem so limited versus 2007. For example, I like to check the net worth graph every month or so, just to see how things are progressing. This is either missing completely from QE, or else it is hidden well enough that I can’t figure out how to find it. Category searches (where you pull up all transactions in a specific category for a specific time period) are much harder in QE than in 2007. (This may be what you are referring to in your post-the category bubbles) but to find a category, you must scroll through a double-wide list of them, whereas in 2007, you just started to type in the name & the matched one pops up. The new way takes a lot longer (by a lot, I’m talking about seconds, so it’s not the end of the world, but it is annoying, especially when it worked so well in 2007. )
                    I miss the little box that pops up in 2007 in the reporting tab that allows you to choose Standard, Memorized or EasyAnswer reports. I can figure out how to get almost anything I need from there. It is much less intuitive to pull reports/ graphs from QE.

                  • I want to concur with Mark that we need 1) easy category searches as I live by these 2) just start typing to enter a category 3) easy reporting with memorized versus standard reports. I remain on Quicken for MAC 16.0.1 because I need these.  Thanks!

                  I've been trying to sign up at for the longest time and never receive a email back when I try to sign up. No one ever answers me why I'm not being sent an email conformation to sign up as a beta tester. Oh how I wish to become one. 

                  • I've experienced the same no response from; trying to established username and password for eligibility to beta test Quicken 2015 for Mac, but the email confirmation never arrives.
                  • Yep. And I do not even get an email that someone has replied to my post. Go figure.
                  • I was having the same issue. It seems my ISP and the service they use to screen emails would not allow any through from the testing site or here. Got a free gmail account and all is fine.

                    Oh and they were not stopped by the spam filter either. They never even got there.
                  • That's just crazy that I had to set up a gmail account for this!
                  • Does anyone know what the "" is that's causing this? I like to contact my ISP to get this fixed. I have always gotten emails from via Turbo tax. Thats why I'm curious.
                  • Anyone?

                  Thanks Marcus, this is great news. I reactivated my Testing account and applied to test. This has been a long time coming since we tested Quicken Essentials and I am happy to see the "surprise" ahead. Will it be able to transfer Quicken Windows data over to Mac as in Essentials?

                    Thanks for making the Fonts larger in the register!

                    Best news I have heard today.

                    Can you make them larger in the sidebar as well?

                      Once I got used to QE I founds I liked it much better than quicken for windows. I discovered that much of the investment tracking I did on QW was duplicating what was readily available on the investment service web site. I got better snapshots of where I was going and where I am on QE than on QW. A few early frustrations - not being able to print checks for a while, and needing to enter credit card debt as a positive number are things I got over.

                      I still have some trouble with inappropriate renaming of transactions and can't find where to edit the renaming rules.

                      I am thrilled to hear the update is on the horizon just don't turn it into quicken non essential.

                        quicken in general needs to develop an understanding of the TWO dates that are pertinent to some types of one's transactions, especially payments from bank accounts to credit or loan accounts that a user tracks as a transfer: the date the user authorizes the payment be made (i.e. should consider the funds "unavailable"), and the date the payment is applied by the creditor.  The disconnect between the two requires all sorts of manual policies on the part of the user like "always delete the paid from transaction in the credit account, let the pay to transaction in the bank account serve as the record of the payment" in order to more easily reconcile multiple accounts statements, create reports, accurately track, categorize, or report on interest paid or other fees charged, and eliminate duplicate entries.  Many different uses and situations would be well served to track one, the other, or both dates.  Tying this understanding of funds paid/funds applied dates to the downloaded transaction matching system would be especially awesome. Perhaps a frame up of such a concept could emerge in Quicken Mac as penance for it's decades of bad behavior. :)

                          also, I would love to beta test (having done so before in the deep past of Quicken for Mac and even the original QuickBooks for Mac), if the new beta community enrollment system would bother to send me the verification message…

                          • I was never able to get a response back from the Quicken test site ( when I attempted to enroll for beta testing of Quicken 2015 using any of my three email accounts.  However, after attempting to use an email account not associated with, I got a response back within a few minutes.

                          long time user and still run a VM on my mac with parallels.

                          one feature definately need to stay is bill pay thru my quicken bill pay account

                          thanks and hope to be a tester.

                            Marcus ... you are an example of provide value to the customer with your updates and interaction.  So, why do none of your colleagues for the Windows product do the same?  It certainly would be nice to get updates on what is coming and when as well as provide a feedback loop that isn't a black hole.  Maybe a suggestion for someone on the windows side and tell your boss you deserve a raise!

                              I have submitted my email twice to sign up for the Quicken for Mac Beta test. Both times I did not receive a confrontation email, and I did check my junk mail box! Any idea what's up? I would really like to try out the betas.
                              • I had the same problem in that my     email address wouldn't register.  I tried an alternate email address and got an Intuit response back within minutes.
                              • Yeah, that did it.. strange. Thanks!

                              Judging by the title "Quicken Mac 2015" does this indicate a release date near the end of 2014.

                                About a year ago I had to give up my Windows PC and move to a MacBook Pro. I was running Quicken 2010 in the PC and saved a backup of my Quicken data on a thumb drive. I have been using Quicken Essentials on my Mac. Could I run a beta copy of Quicken 2015 for the Mac without interfering with my Quicken Essential and its data? Could the beta copy use my Q 2010 backup file  (essentially restore it) as a starting point?


                                • Lee325,
                                  Elsewhere stated in Marcus Update 12, import of data is not a feature of an initial beta release. I suspect that (assuming you have registered for beta testing: that the Qmac2015 beta would run without interfering with Essentials.
                                • Thanks. I did see what Marcus said after I submitted my comment.
                                • I think it would be a huge mistake to not allow importing qif, qfx data on the initial betas.
                                • QFW2014 currently uses QXF (Quicken Export File) for conversion to Mac Essentials. Support for qif is long gone and very error prone
                                • We will definitely allow import from Quicken 2007, Quicken Windows (via QXF) and from Quicken Essentials most likely in the 3rd or 4th beta.  It just won't be there initially because we have to add the ability to import investment data from all of these 3 applications and we haven't focused on it yet since we're focused on building the investment features first.

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