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have both "ending balance and current balance" listed on home tab under "all accounts"

After updates stock quotes yesterday i ended up with two balances on my home page account list.. One is Current balance and the other ending balance.  the current balance is the correct one and the ending balnce is yesterdays balances.   How do I get rid of the ending balance?
  • If my memory is correct you can right-click on the account bar to bring up a list of options that includes those balances.
  • Thanks BOBL-2,  right clicking doesn't show the choices of balances to select.   I should have mentioned that this is 2012 Version.
  • Ooops, I read that too fast thinking you were talking about the account bar.

    As for the All Accounts snapshot on the home tab I don't see a way to change that.
  • I've looked and can't find a way. I emailed quicken support and they sent me to "tools" then  "account list' then to "optiions" at the bottom.  told me to remove the check from ending balance.  It does not have a check mark, I tested to see what happens when it is checked and all I can see it does is add the ending balance to the "account list"       It does not effext the All Accounts snapshot.    What  really blows my mind is I have another file with an All Accounts snapshot that does not have this problem.
Just as in your account register totals; the "Current Balance" only appears in the All Accounts display when the "Current Balance" is different than the "Ending Balance". When both balances are the same, only the "Ending Balance" is displayed. You can't change that.

And the Ending Balance should never be earlier in time than the Current Balance. The Ending Balance is the net of every transaction in that Quicken account register. The Current Balance is the net amount of all transactions in that Quicken account register through today ("today" being the current pc date  - which is compared to the Quicken "transaction" date).
  • Thank you "noway" . The current balance is the correct balance for 10/11 and the ending balance is the balance for 10/10.  The different amounts are only in the investments, chekcing, credit cards and other are all OK.   I ended up with the 2 balances after I did the quotes update.   I'm going to try and restore my back up file again.........
  • My research now shows me that the securities balance and cash balance do not change after doing a quotes update. these balances are at the lower left of the register where one would enter transactions (buys/sells)  for a stock.
  • Something doesn't make sense.  

    I have an account with only 2 mutual funds in it.  The holdings view, the account bar and the online center all correctly show the current value for the 2 securities.  Ending value (and the Securities Value number at the bottom of the register) is a different, higher  number that I cannot close to.  (It shouldn't be affected by mid-day quotes as they are both mutual funds that price out as NAV once a day.  Also there are no recent transactions, and the account is reconciled).

    NWJ: are you seeing this anywhere?  Do you know what's going on?

    PS Checked price history files for the 2 securities and there are no future prices.
  • "My research now shows me that the securities balance and cash balance do not change after doing a quotes update".

    Securities values will change if any of the prices for the securities in the account change. One reason for not seeing the prices/value change after downloading this morning, is if your account only contains mutual funds and your prices are current as of yesterday's close. You shouldn't see any new mutual fund prices until after today's close.

    Cash values should not change, if you only download prices.

    "These balances are at the lower left of the register where one would enter transactions (buys/sells) for a stock".

    I take it you mean the "lower *right* of the register".
  • I only own stocks, no mutual funds.  On the register for stock transacction, lower right are securities value, cash balance and total market value. After 2 stock quote updates, the securities value and total market value are the same amounts as they were on Monday, They are not updating. this is causing me to have 2 totals on my all accounts snap shot page, the current balalnce, which is the correct balance and an ending balance which is the same as the securitites value and total market value from the stock transaction register.  

    It looks to me that BOBL-2 is having having the same problem as I.
If your current prices aren't correct, your current value can't be correct; and that is a different problem than whether the All Accounts snapshot is correctly displaying Current and Ending balances.

If you're saying your current prices are correct (and your number of shares owned is correct) but that Quicken is not correctly computing Market Value = number of shares owned * price/share, that is also a different problem. Some sort of corruption, perhaps. You can try a plain vanila Validation, and/or (in Q2012) "Rebuild investing lots" (also in the "Validate and Repair" dialog).

If Validation doesn't help, you could try making a copy of your file for testing purposes (to help narrow down the problem), opening the test copy, and deleting the price history.

Then download prices. Or possibly skip downloading prices and just manually enter a correct price for today and check the results. Then enter a price for yesterday and Monday and check the results again.
  • NWJ:  Was hoping maybe you were seeing the same problem in your QW2012 but apparently you are not?  It is easy to overlook but really stands out in that All Accounts snapshot.

    I tried the validate/repair, then the rebuilding lots, and finally the price history.  Nothing fixed it.  Also recalculated the register.

    The share balances in the register agree with the share balances in the Holdings view and the share balances in the online center, so it seems like somehow it is getting a future/different price for the "Securities Value" in the bottom right corner of the register.
  • I have sent this to Quicken support. will let you know what say when I hear from them. I have tried all suggestion you kind folks have made and still have the problem.   Bottom line, the securities value and total market value located in lowe right of transaction page for stocks does not update when doing a quote or historical price update.
  • "Ending value (and the Securities Value number at the bottom of the register) is a different, higher number that I cannot close to".


    All my real-world investments accounts appear to be treated correctly in Q2012. I have no future prices or transactions, and all current and ending balances are equal.

    The same is true for all my test investment accounts in Q2012 (same file as the real-world accounts, since it's a test file) - with one exception.

    I have a test account with a linked checking account. It has only two transactions in it; a BoughtX dated in 2010 and a DivX dated in 2011 ... both for the same security. The newest price in the price history is for Oct 7, 2011. There is some cash in the linked checking account. The security is a real stock (so it gets prices when I do a download), but I don't own it in real life.

    Some observations (not thoroughly researched, as I'm planning on taking a break now):

    1.) The register shows only "Securities Value" and that value is wrong and I can't tie it to anything [There are over 2000 prices for the one security, going back to 1999. Since I "own" exactly 100 shares in the test account, it's easy to find a price in the history that would produce the value I'm seeing ... but not possible to explain it (the price is back in 2004, somewhere in the middle of the pack of prices - most likely just a probable coincidence)].

    2.) The Account Overview shows the incorrect "Security Value" (same as register).

    3.) The "All Accounts" snapshot on the Home tab shows the correct "Current Balance" (net of securities value and linked checking) ... and the same incorrect "Ending Balance" shown in #1 and #2 above.

    4.) The Account Bar shows the same incorrect (Ending) balance ... regardless of whether I tell it to use Current Balance, or Ending Balance.

    5.) Neither a plain Validate, or a Recalculate Lots, altered the register value or the Account Bar value.

    6.) Recalculating the register (CTRL+Z) did not alter the register value or the Account Bar value.

    7.) Deleting all prices for the security did not change the register value or Account Bar value [I believe deleting all prices should have changed the value to the Cost Basis, plus any cash in the checking account]. The All Accounts snapshot showed the Current Value to be the Cost Basis and the Ending Value to be the same wrong value.

    8.) Adding one price (in the empty price history), dated today, for 3 times the price originally paid ... did not change the register value, the Account Bar value, or the All Accounts Ending Balance (but did change the All Accounts Current Balance to the correct value).

    That should be enough to chew on for a while. :)
  • I think the file I converted from 2011 has some sort of corruption. I also having budget problems with Q2012.  I went back to Q2011 for awhile,   I'll try again at a later date......
  • davwcur,
    By any chance did you partcipate in the 2012 Beta?  Reason I ask is that I did and I have found that by going back to early August (Before August 12) gives me a file without the problem.
  • BOB-2, no I was not part of the Beta.   I'm back on Q2011.  I think My file being so large is corrupt. I was also having problems with the new budet BARS.  They as I understand report what has been spent by Category. My bars were reporting  lots of "0" when hundreds have been spent.  One showed I had spent over budgegt when I'm right on budget. I could go on.    Thanks for all your help.
  • davwcur,

    Turns out mine isn't fixed after all.  Went through all kinds of pains gong back to August 1 and it first blush appeared to be working, but problem is now back.  

    BTW, I also have problems with the budget showing 0's for past transactions tab in the Advanced edit mode which I submitted as a bug during the Beta.

    I believe there is something in the file conversion process that is corrupting our files.
Hi All,

There is a problem where an event telling Quicken to update the security balance at the bottom of the register is not being triggered at the end of a quote update.  We are logging a defect for this.  

I manually forced the event notification to be sent by re-indexing lots.  

I found that the amounts in Port View, Holdings snapshot, and reports were all collecting the event correctly.  Once I re indexed lots the balances matched everywhere.

  • Will there be a fix in any of the up coming Quicken downloads.   

    thank you
Hi BobL,

I duplicate your case of it not refreshing.  Logging a defect for it.  

Hi Davwcur,

The bugs are being prioritized against a future release, but I don't have an exact target date yet.  We will update when we know dates.

  • Quicken Dale: any update on the target date for a fix for this. It's causing many users not to upgrade to their already purchased Q12 which has a few features I like.
  • Quicken Employee Dale,,, please respond to target date for a fix on this.
  • I too am wondering when there is going to be a fix for this!  Quicken Dale can you give us an update?
  • I got a an email from Quicken that the issue was resolved but thats clearly not the case. It seems like a long time to get this fixed.
    I also have ongoing issues with the program freezing every time I do a manual update to my accounts. I have to end the program with the Task Manager and reopen to use it. Bugs, bugs, bugs.
  • I just installed the New Update for Home and Business 2012and this problem of the securities value not matching the holdings value is still not fixed!  When is this going to be fixed?
  • I can now report that I reinstalled Q12 and Release 4... and the problem with Security Values and Market Values are STILL OCCURRING. PROBLEM NOT FIXED. Had to back out Q12 for the umpteen time and I (we) the users are Very Frustrated.... Can we get some progress on this...
You can now solve the problem manually by opening the investment account and go into the transaction register, then hit shift+control+z and it will ask you if you want to recalculate all transactions. I had to do that with each investment account in my portfolio.  Unfortunately you have to do that every time you update your accounts.
  • I solved the problem and the budget problems by going back to Q2011.  I find Q2012 if the worse product Quicken has  issued.
Looks like R5 took care of this!  Works after running OSU.
  • I still have the problem after updating to R5.  Did R5 fix it for anyone else?
  • i went back to Q2011 mostly because of the budget processing in Q2012.....
  • R 5 appears to have fixed all my issues. All the balances match and my investments are updating correctly. The issue with my computer freezing when I did a manual one step update appears fixed as well.
  • Dwk:  Did you run a one step update yet?  You won't see the fix until you do that.
  • R 5 fixed this issue for me.
  • I have R5 installed and ran numerous one-step updates, but I'm still having the problem.  Just to clarify, I'm having the issue where the market/securities value is wrong.  I have three accounts that are very similar, but only one isn't computing the right value.  The accounts have one security and I manually enter all values.  There's only 10-20 transactions in each of these accounts.  When I look at my account list, account balances, andthe securities value in the register, I get the wrong value for securities & market value for one of them.  In the portfolio, it's correct.  Is this what's supposed to be fixed in R5?
  • dwk,

    Your situation certainly sounds like the original issue to me (by Portfolio I assume you mean Holdings view of the account) though there could be some significant nuance that isn't obvious.

    You say your have run OSUs but you enter the transactions manually.  Are the investment accounts included in the OSUs?   Have you tried recalculating your investment register for that account (CTL-Z)?  Have you done a File, file operations, validate and repair?  Since there are so few transactions have you tried creating a new account and copying the transactions into it to see if that one works?
  • My problem is now fixed.  I tried the suggestion of creating a new account and copying the transactions from the old to the new account.  During that process, I was prompted that I had a future date for the date acquired.  That appears to have been the cause of my problem.  The transaction date was 2006 but the date acquired was 2016.  This was a typo when I entered it many years ago, and I suspect Quicken didn't warn me at that time.  I was probably running Quicken 2005 or similar at that time.  I fixed the date and although my values didn't update immediately, they finally did.  Everything is correct now.  Thanks.
  • Any updates on this?  I do NOT have a future price set for this security.  The Security Value is not being updated...
  • Well, it's now 4/30/2012 and this issue STILL has not been fixed.  I have been following this thread for months, while waiting to do the 2012 H&B upgrade from 2009 H&B.  I installed the upgrade this morning.  I am now running 2012 H&B release R7.  I have two accounts where the Security Value in Account Status does not match the Market Value in Holdings.  The register shows the correct number of shares and the price history shows the correct prices, but the Total Market Value at the bottom right of the register is incorrect and will not update.

    COME ON, QUICKEN!!!  Seven releases and you can't get this right?!?!?  When is this going to be fixed?
I'm having the same problem in Quicken 2011 Premier in an account with 3 mutual funds.  To my surprise, deleting security history for all three, and reloading it for the past 5 years, solvied the problem.

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