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rental property manager

I have Q Home & Business 2014.....just setting up, but I used a few years ago.  I own 9 rentals and want to know if I should use Rental Property Manager (which has generally terrible reviews online!)  My questions:

Does RPM overlay Quicken so that it adds features to the existing platform?  When I open Quicken w/ RPM added, will all the additional fields be there on the main screens?  When I download from my bank, will the data flow into RPM for incoming rents etc?

Will RPM add the obviously needed categories to Business Income and Expenses?  The fixed categories for business income are Consulting, Other and Sales.  I need Rent, Fees, etc.  Expense categories should be repairs, capital improvements, mortgage payments, utilities, etc. 

I can create all these categories, and add the property address tags.  But will Rental Property Manager do this for me.....or at least give me a starting platform?

Thanks so much! 

  • Thanks.....that category list is a good start.  I'm still interested in what Rental Property Mgr will add in terms of features.  And when I download, will the data flow into both Quicken & RPM?
The data will "flow" into whatever account you are downloading or updating. Checking, savings, investing, and credit card accounts are what you will be updating and downloading and will be the same as what you have now.  What is important for rental tracking is that rental transactions are tagged and use a category that has a Schedule E tax line item assignment regardless the account the transaction was made out of.
I don't think you will get much by upgrading to RPM.  You will have a place to keep track of basic tenant information, lease start and stop dates, deposits, etc.  But don't count on RPM being fully integrated with the business part. In other words it won't be simple to invoice but it can be done.  Tenants and customers don't quite mesh up like it should or could.  If you need to track partial or late payments from time to time then setting up an accounts receivable is the way to go which you can do with the H&B version.
Quicken has a money back guarantee so if you don't mind playing around with it just try it and send it back if not happy.  I would create a duplicate file before doing that though.

    RPM is not a separate Quicken product. It's just an add-on feature that you can easily enable from within Quicken: Click Help in the Menu Bar. Look for a line in the popup that says something like "Add Rental ...". Click it. Carefully follow the instructions, pay the upgrade fee with your credit card and retain any emails or other instructions for future reference (in case you need to re-install Quicken H&B and re-upgrade that to RPM).

    If you take a look at Quicken Help (click Help in the Menu bar, then Quicken Help (or press the F1-key)), under the Contents tab you will find a book "Track your rental property". That will probably answer most of your questions.

    • When I tried the Rental Property Tools in the Help menu it goes to a website to upgrade.  When I hit the add to cart button nothing happens?
    • dkw,
      would you please start a NEW question and give us as much detail about your current version of Quicken, your version of Windows and what you are trying to do. Have you been using Quicken long or are you a new user? Someone will try to help you.
      Thank you.

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