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convert from 2002 to 2014 ?

  • How do I convert from Quicken 2001 to 2013?  What buttons do I press?
  • frankg1,
    use same procedure as Harry11 pointed out below.

You can install Quicken 2004 and convert your file from Quicken 2002 to Quicken 2004. Once it's converted you can convert into Quicken 2014.

  • How  can I print reports from Quicken 2006 that was working on Windows XP when I changed to Windows 7?
    If I have to upgrade to Quicken 2014, can I use the Starter edition and have data transferred to it or must I get the deluxe version?
  • Vwal55, your question is different than the original poster's. please start a new thread for your question.

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