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I always keep two years of data open in my current Qdata file. Now I have Data2012 which includes data from 2011.  When I run year end copy I select that my current data set starts with transactions beginning on 1/1/2011, running this should remove all reconciled 2010 transactions. I did notice that while running year end copy the little copy window says (Quicken not responding). What’s going on here?
  • I run Quicken 2011 and I have a similar problem. I run "Year-End Copy" and tell the current data option to include only files since 1/1/2012 in the new current data file. But no matter how many times I run it, I wind up with all files from 1/1/2011 still included. This seems like a simple operation, but it just doesn't work. How about a reply from Quicken on this??
Whitebare - we found a defect in Quicken 2012 that isn't respecting the + / - 1 date value for the YECopy, resulting in prior year reconciled, unlinked, non-A/R or non-A/P transactions still showing up in the file.  The current work-around is to use January 2nd as the first day (rather than January 1st) you want to see in the file and then the 2012 program behaves as expected.  We're working on fixing this in an upcoming patch, but that may change at any time if the "fix" ends up causing bigger/more serious problems (such as crashing or loss of data).  The "Quicken Not Responding" may not be as critical as it sounds, and may just be a "resources allocation" issue.  If you're truly stuck at the YECopy for a really long time (ex: 20 minutes for a 65MB file size), you might want to try creating the YEC in Safe Mode to make sure there's no conflict with another program/application or driver.

Wilden - your signature line indicates that you're in 2011.  If so,  you're most likely not experiencing the same thing as Whitebare.  For 2011 and older, the usual cause of older data appearing in the file is the misunderstanding of what will be retained:

*  All Accounts must be reconciled;
*  Transfers that involve accounts that are not reconciled or that involve Investment accounts;
*  Customer Invoices (A/R) transactions that are linked to open invoices not yet paid in full, even if the partial payment transaction has been reconciled;
*  Vendor Bills (A/P) transactions that are linked to open invoices or bills not yet paid in full;
*  All Investment transactions, to retain proper calculations of holdings.

These criteria also apply to 2012, with the defect compounding the issue.
  • I am having the same problem as Whitebare. I tried the recommended solution (i.e. use Jan 2 instead of Jan 1) and continued to get the same result. Nothing changes in the new file. All accounts, whether reconciled, etc remain. In this case, I keep four years and roll back to three at the beginning of each new year. So I am seeking to remove 2007 transaction by setting the date to 01/01/2008 (or in this latest attempt to 01/02/2008) However, I get exactly the same results either way with all 2007 transactions remaining.

    Any additional ideas?  I can wait this out for a solution - but it is quite an issue.

    PS: I also get the "not responding" notice but it seems to not matter in this process
  • I am having what appears to be a related problem with YE Copy.  The process stops midway with an error message "File NOT Copied" and sure enough there is no backup file with the prior year transactions.  I tried doing just a regular copy of all transactions prior to 2011 and got the same result.  I've validated and supervalidated the file several times but that doesn't seem to help.
  • THG, "File Not Copied" is very different than "Quicken Not Responding".

    File Not Copied = not enough available disk space where you're trying to save the file, or data integrity issue (which you've been addressing with the Validate and Repair procedures).

    *  Are you able to make a simple File Copy from the File Operations menu without trying to remove any data (which is what Year End Copy does)?
    *  When you run the V&R, what does the data_log.txt report at the end?
  • This is what I like about quicken,  they want you to think this is a new problem.  I have 2010 with the same problem, my year end data still contains ALL my years.

    As time goes on they add more features and have more bugs.  my quicken for 2001 works better than my 2010 and they want me to spend money on there new stuff  I DONT THINK SO
  • I know this doesn't work in 2010 either...has this been fixed in the latest release of 2012? Should I bother upgrading?

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