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Difference between Premier 2013 and Premier 2014

Currently running Quicken Premier 2013 and I've been curious, what are the honest major differences between the 2013 version and the 2014 version.  Nothing cosmetic.  Is there new content worth using? Or is it generally the same?

    I don't have 2014 yet, but this is what I have been able to determine.  2013 has 12 Revisions.  2013 has only 6 revisions plus a Mondo patch.

    Amazon rating for 2013 was  2 1/2 stars.  Amazon rating for 2014 is 3 stars.  The ratio of 1 star to 5 starts for 2013 was 3.7.   The ratio of 1 star to 5 stars for 2014 is 1.68. 

    I think that your chances would be fairly good that you can get it to work.  But I am waiting to hear back from my supplier.

    • I got an email from my supplier.  He stated that his customers  had not had any problems.  (Since he refunded my money because Quicken Premier 2013 would not install on XP, I interpreted this to mean that no on had asked for a refund.)

      I later installed QP 2013 on Window 7.  I installed QP 2014 on Windows 7 yesterday.  I can't seen any differences with the parts of the program that I use - banking, credit cards, and investing.  All the reports came across from 2013 unchanged.

      Of course, Quicken restructures the data as they do with every version.  This is one thing that I don't understand.  Why do they do that?

      In the investment reports, Quicken continues to have problems adding a column of numbers and getting the same answer twice.  For example; the 4 totals, 2 in Asset Allocation and 2 in Portfolio Value are all different.  Quicken has gotten better at adding.  The difference is now a maximum of $0.27 for me, or 0.000006%.  Not bad, but I still use a spreadsheet to check Quicken's numbers.

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