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There's a blue line in check register. Transactions below line are grey and don't show up in balance of account.

Nothing I have found will change it so that the greyed transactions will show up on the balance. 
    The blue line is the "marker" between current/past transactions and future transactions.

    They will be included in the "Ending Balance" but not the "Current Balance"
    • Your account bar (on the left?) can be set to show either Current Balance or Ending Balance, as you might prefer.  (Rt-Click and make your choice)
    • How come it just showed up.  It cut off the current and ending balance at 12/13/13 and today is the 1/7/14.  The transactions that have occurred from 12/13/13 to today are not listed in the current balance.  Can I get rid of the marker?
    • Can I get rid of the blue line and just have the register current forever?
    • Thanks for the help.  I got it figured out with all the responses I received.  It was the date of the computer that somehow got changed.

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