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Must I pay $164 for Rental Manager 2014 upgrade when I do online but have rentals?

In other words, can I just get by with upgrading (or downgrading whichever is the case)  to the Home and Business for $104, or even the Premier for less? I do no online things with the Rental Manager and do not require an upgrade in that area. However, I do banking and stock prices with the other. Will the rental software get lost or will it be retained?


    Hi, I am not a super user on this site, but my experience with downgrading to an older version, (I'm assuming you are going from RPM 2014 back to RPM 2012), is that it can be done, however you may have to search for the right data file (under the "file" tab on top left, and then 'file operations', then 'find quicken files.' ). If you choose the wrong one, not a big deal, the error code will tell you, just go back and choose another. You probably will have to enter newer data depending on how old that data file that you chose. Hope that helps. 

      I have found RPM to be of limited use so want to downgrade to Deluxe from 2012 RPM.  Are there problems doing so?

      • My mistake.  Sorry for the confusion.  I have RPM 2012 and want to change to Deluxe 2014.

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