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Quicken 2014 Upgrade?

I have been using Quicken since the early 1990's.  I bought Q2014 Priemier and went through the automatic conversion from Q2013.  It stalled at the "final changes".  I removed and reinstalled, it did it again, and again, and again...  I reinstalled it without coverting data and it seemed to work.  I had to reinstall Q2013 and restore prior data to get my full data useful again and restore functionality for me.  (As an aside, although I am supposed to be able to download prior versions for a number of years, I could not find where on the support site - thus it is useless.  I finally found my download of Q2013 from last year in my computer backup files.)

(1)  How do I make Q2014 work?  I see from others on this forum that Q2014 seems buggy.  When will you cure the bugs?

(2)  Lacking a solution for (1) above, how do I get my money back?

(3)  Why does Quicken require the removal of prior versions before it will install the new version?  This is not necessary.  Why does Quicken not allow the creation of a folder in the Quicken folder for data by the user?  This is not necessary.  

I feel I have been orphaned as the newest version does not seem to work and I have wasted my money.  Each year, Quicken seems to loose a little more stability and consistency.  I am very disappointed in what used to be a good product.  Your design team should be reorganized and more focused on customer needs rather than control.

  • Ditto ditto ditto on all of the above. but I don't know how to  go back and capture what was lost. I have been quicken member since 1993. I am lost without it I need help now! someone please rescue me
  • I reinstalled Quicken 2011 Premier.  Reinstall to the same folder which 2014 was written to.  This worked for me so that I can now use Quicken again.  I have about 15 yrs worth of Quicken data, so the conversion has to work in order for me to use  this app.  BTW, I tried a super validate on my Q2011 data, which worked fine, but did not resolve the  Q2014 problem.  There's a bug in the conversion script.  Scanning through this online board, it seems that the conversion problem is not isolated to a specific Quicken version.  Support is useless - no phone support over the weekend, and after a 25 min. wait in the chat queue, I was thrown out with a message that no one is available to help.  Pretty amazing, and I paid $95 for this????
  • thanks. now might one install 2011? i think i found it but the computer  wont run it. any other suggestions on how to recover 10 years of detailed family and business info? I cant envision having to rebuild
I attempted to install / upgrade from Quicken Premier 2011 to 2014.  App seems to install fine, but the data conversion crashes.  Repeated attempts and still fails.  Looking at the Quicken Community board, it appears that this is a common problem.  Clearly there are serious QA issues with this product.  I cannot use the 2014 version, so I've gone back to the 2011.

Attempted to get chat support.  After waiting 25 minutes, the system dropped me out with a message that no one is available to chat w/ me.  Overall quality and support are poor.  This really needs to get fixed.
  • I have shared your experience.
To reinstall Quicken 2011, I downloaded it from Quicken (had previously purchased), and ran install.  You need to install it to the same location as 2014.  The install routine will install Q2011 over the 2014 version.  Intuit doesn't want you to have two different versions of the same app.  I had a backup of my data, so there was no problem with getting my data back.  Good luck - all of this is a real pain, and shouldn't have to be done if Intuit had released a less buggy product.
    As a tip I keep a copy of Quicken Premier on my desk top and laptop. When I upgraded to Premier 2014 I did it on the desk top first. It uploaded fine converted all files and is actually an improvement over 2013 version, note I uploaded with R5 update. As a day trader I need the historical performance of stocks. Once I was happy with 2014 performance I then upgrade the laptop to 2014 version. But I do upgrade every year , its just a necessary expense. I have found over the years that if I am having a problem with Quicken, many times its human error on my part - ie garbage in equals garbage out or my operating system need bugs removed. Also I routinely backup my data thru out the day to a external hard drive that I then use to transfer my day's transaction into the laptop, so that my Quicken copies on both computer agree at the end of the day.  I have also found Quicken experts that you reach on the phone normally can not assist with resolving problems, so I have learned to tackle them thru the community advise. Also I do travel Europe and Quicken works very well while overseas away from home.

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