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Store Quicken Data File on the Cloud - Sync Data between 2 Computers (laptop & pc)


I was wondering if I can have my Quicken Data File stored on Dropbox/Skydrive/etc. and be able to access it from two computers (home and laptop).  Of course, the ultimate question is to be able to have the data synchronized when making changes/updates on any given computer.

Please advise.
    Yes - I have successfully used Skydrive to sync data files between multiple computers.

    The only restriction is that you can not have multiple users working simultaneously.

    You can work on one computer - close out Quicken - wait for the sync to complete - then open the Quicken data file on the other machine. In my expeience the sync process was fairly quick - as long as both machines were online.
    • Thank You!  I will try that later today.  I appreciate your time.

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