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Copy/paste doesn't work in Quicken 2014

I just upgraded from Quicken 2013 to 2014.  For some reason, copy/paste isn't working in the register.  In 2013, I copy my category name from one transaction and paste it in another recently downloaded transaction.  This doesn't work in 2014.  It almost looks like this functionality is no longer supported.  I find it hard to believe Quicken would take away this feature.  I typically use CTRL-C/CTRL-V and my preferences are set to use the Windows shortcuts.  Even if I right click, the only choice is to copy/paste the entire transaction, not my selected text.  I haven't found a workaround yet.  Any suggestions?  Any idea when this will be fixed?  I'm so frustrated over something so basic that I almost want to get my money back.
  • As for a workaround, have you tried to just start typing the category name in the newly downloaded transaction's category field?  It finds choices as you type really quickly, though I realize if you prefer mouse clicks to the keyboard then it may require getting used to.
  • "Intuit" didn't "take away" any feature. Copy/Paste work in my Q2014 RPM R5 - but they do not work for some users. It's unintentional behavior and will - like other unintentional Quicken behavior - get fixed as soon as it is feasible. In the meantime, look thru the "shortcuts" Tag in this Community to find at least one alternative.
  • I'm using the type ahead feature for now, but it's more cumbersome than just pressing CTRL-V.  Regarding the comment about taking away a feature, it certainly looks like they did take it away.  I used to right-click on a field in the register and choose "Cut" or "Copy".  Now the choice is "Cut transaction(s)" or "Copy transaction(s)" which selects the entire transaction.  If my menu choice is gone, then it seems to me that the feature no longer exists.  I searched for the word "shortcuts" in this community and found lots of complaints and people having the same issue.  It seems to have been broken since R3 or earlier.  I'm on R5 so multiple patches haven't addressed it.  It looks like there's a 60 day return policy so there's a chance it will be fixed before I have to return it.  I suspect I can't convert my data backward to 2013, so I'll have to deal with that too.  Once the holiday is over, I'll see if I can get Intuit to agree if it's a bug or how it works from now on.
  • "Take away" strongly suggests that what is gone was "taken" intentionally, which is not true. Thus my statement; which I stand by. What is missing is missing by accident, not by intent.

    And what's missing is not what you now say is missing.

    I don't know of any Quicken version that offered "Cut" (text), "Copy" (text) or "Paste" (text) in the transaction right-click menu. Those options were only offered in the Edit menu in the Quicken menu row (and still are offered in my Edit menu). Please show me where there have been "lots of complaints" about Copy/Cut/Paste (text) missing from the right-click menu.

    What other users have reported is that the shortcut key combinations CTRL+x (cut text), CTRL+c (copy text) and CTRL+v (paste text), plus (I believe) a few more shortcuts, are not working in Q2014. And, as I noted, those shortcuts ARE working for some of us - more evidence that those shortcuts were not "taken away". [And  the Edit menu and the right-click menu are not "shortcuts".]

    The reason I suggested that you look in the "shortcuts" Tag was strictly to find the alternate key combination(s) to replace the missing shortcuts - where such alternatives exist. I don't need them, so I didn't pay attention to them when they were posted, or I would have included them in my earlier post.

    At this point there is nothing more you can do but wait until Intuit can deal with the problem. Or, as you note, return the product for a refund, and revert to your previous version. In the future, you can avoid the dilemma of potentially having to get a refund before the all the bug fixes have been released, by waiting until February before purchasing.
  • Agree with NWJ as I just tested on my VM and Ctl-C Ctl- V works in QW2014, Windows 7.
  • I just did what dwk suggested. I changed the keyboard mapping settings from Windows Standard back to Quicken Standard and then back to Windows Standard, closed out Quicken and restarted it with success! My shortcut keys are now working.
  • This is simply one of the many standard features which were corrupted with the release of Quicken 2014.  The corruption of standard features has been become common with each of the annual releases of the past several years.  But we are not allowed to gripe about that here because this is a "user-to-user" forum, not a "user-to-Quicken" forum.

    So, here is what I have found.  Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X, etc. (when you have selected Windows mode) seems to work fine each time I launch Quicken.  Somewhere along the line, some combination of transaction steps seems to break it.  The "easiest" way to fix it is to exit Quicken and restart.

    At least, that's how it has been working for me.

    I say "easiest" be because my data file is approximately 135 Mb and thus launching Quicken takes a while.  But then, that's another story.

    Hope this works for you.

  • Thanks Bart, closing and reopening Quicken allows me to paste in the Payment column again. I usually paste in that column and in my banking website, after copying the amount from my online bill. Also, I copy/paste from my Amazon orders page into the Quicken Memo field.
  • Great minds think alike.  I copy/paste stuff from Amazon, PayPal, etc. into the memo field as well and it is extremely annoying when I must "workaround" something that worked fine in Q2013.

    I am done with annual updates; they have arrived at the point where their damage is greater than the new feature benefits.

    I am going back to updating every 2-3 years.

  • Switching back and forth between Quicken & Windows mapping in in Edit > Preferences > Setup > Keyboard Mappings didn't work for me. For now, I'm using the keyboard shortcut of ALT+E, F to pull up the find window.  It takes a little "thinking" because I've used Ctrl + F for many years, but I'm confident Intuit programmers will get the functionality working again soon (PLEASE).
  • My settings don't stick after a while.  I'm not sure what triggers it to forget to use Windows Standard.  I found that I have to set it back to Quicken Standard, exit the program, and then restart Quicken.  Then I can change it to Windows Standard and it works.  Very annoying, but this works for me.
I found a solution and hope it's permanent.  I went into preferences/setup and changed my keyboard mapping settings.  Mine were set to Windows Standard but wasn't working.  I changed them to Quicken Standard and then back to Windows Standard.  I tried various ways including changing to Quicken Standard, Save, Exit, restarting Quicken, and changing back to Windows Standard.  I'm not sure the exact scenario required, but it is working for me now after toggling the settings.  I've read other posts that say their shortcuts work for a while but breaks again.  Time will tell if my problem will come back.  Just glad to have even a temporary solution.
  • This worked for me too. Thank you dxk for posting this solution. Also, I appreciate that NWJ wants those who criticize Q14 to be more precise, and that maybe the actual problem we had was not that Paste disappeared from the menu, but for those of us who have used the copy/paste functionality for years to copy things like confirmation numbers for transactions directly from the electronic receipt to the memo field of Quicken, to have this functionality suddenly disappear is frustrating. Yes, of course, we have no choice but to wait until Intuit fixes it; but we are still inconvenienced and frustrated and wish for more responsiveness from Intuit. The fact that Intuit has a lady who responds to every negative post on Amazon shows that the company can put resources into software improvements and bug fixes. I (for one) would be glad to pay an annual fee (as I do with more and more software) to have a product that works well. As a software engineer, I know that bugs can be fixed and oversights corrected.
  • Isn't that lady annoying with all her lame platitudes?  It drives my crazy.

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