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Suddenly, 3 days ago my bank debits/credits won't update in my Quicken registers!

How do I fix my registers so that my bank debits/credits reconcile with Quicken?  Everything has been working fine for over a year and now none of my accounts will reconcile.  I get an "Download Error (155)" every time I try to update my accounts.  When I try to "Resolve" the issue, I get the message "Bank of America is temporarily inaccessible to Quicken 155 Refresh".  When I try to fix my "Settings", it sets up a NEW Quicken bank register that reconciles all my current bank information, but not the "future" credits/debits I have in the original bank register and the past credits/debits I have for the past 20 years!  How do I get my original Quicken bank register to re-connect to my Bank of America account?
    • Got it.  Thanks for the quick response.
    • The EXACT same thing happened to me. This is such a nuisance!
    • Kathryn, Is there any workaround other than manually typing the error messages?  Exactly  how long will it take to be fixed?  It shouldn't take their IT department so long to get a performance issue fixed.
    • Kathryn, is there any individual or group at BOFA that I can contact to express my disgust with this?
    • The posted response says the Question has been closed.  However, I still cannot update my Bank of America account information.  Mine is showing a Download Error (103).  I know the user name and password are correct because I can sign into my Bank of America account.  Is this a new problem, or is the original Bank of America issue still not resolved?
    • jbferg:
      It was closed to prevent a lot of "me too" posts and to keep it strictly an announcement.

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