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Unable to open selected file - Quicken 2008


1. Quicken 2008 R4 (I believe this is the most updated release)

2. Operating system Windows 7 Professional


Computer had to have its operating system reinstalled.

Therefore, had to reinstall Quicken 2008 and its update (release 4)

"Quicken cannot validate this file"

"Quicken cannot open the data file because it is damaged".

"Unable to open selected file"


How do I fix this problem that did not exist before the operating system reinstallation?

I hate to think that I have lost all my quicken data.

  • Just to clarify, I got those messages after I tried to open the data file(s). I have 2 data files - one for me and one for my wife and I cannot open either one of them. I get the above messages in quotes from Quicken.
  • By the way, I found from another contributor "ukr" that the most updated release for Quicken 2008 is R9. UKR redirected me to a site that has the patch R9 - I know my Quicken was always up to date, so my data would have been created under release 9. However, when I reinstall my Quicken it only updates to R4 - don't know why? Also, according to ukr, I only need to download the most recent patch release 9 and not the intermediate patches - R5 through R8, However, when I tried to do so, it would not install the R9 patch and told me to contact tech support.
Quicken 2008 actually went to R9.

You can get that patch at: Quicken Patches

QPW is one of the superusers on this forum who graciously hosts that site.
  • BTW:  Those are patches for US version only.

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