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Why is Quicken 2014 blocked from printing checks?

  • What makes you think it is?  Haven't heard of anyone else reporting issue.
  • I say this because when I try to write a check I get the message that the printer is unavailable, please connect it and try again. The printer (HP Officejet Pro 8600) is indeed connected, not only  for  normal programs, but 14 also installed an exclusive print mode. Neither  will work. I get the same message for both.
  • I recently upgraded from 2012 to 2014.
  • Did you run the printer setup on the File menu after installing Quicken 2014?
  • yes

Try resetting your printer definitions in Quicken and then redefine the printer:

- Click File / File Operations / Validate and Repair. Click "Reset Quicken Printer Settings", then click OK.

- Close and reopen Quicken (might not be necessary, but it can't hurt)

- Perform Printer Setup / For Printing

(a) Reports,

(b) Checks

and, optionally,

(c) for Invoices [Quicken H&B, RPM users only].

If you're printing checks, do not forget to select the correct check style. Also choose the proper features for printing partial pages when using 3-checks-per-page stock.

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