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How do i set QW2014 to show running balance instead of bank balance?

How do i set quicken 2014 to show running balance instead of bank balance which doesn't take into account pending transactions?

I searched for an existing answer here but did not find one.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    If you're talking about the account balances displayed in the Account Bar, you can change that.
    There are two choices:
    - Ending Balance (register balance including any future dated transactions already entered into the register)
    - Current Balance aka "Net Worth" (register balance as of today)

    To change the Account Bar balance right-click on a white area in the account bar (blank space between account name and balance). In the popup select which of the above balances you wish to see.
    • Thank You for the response ukr. Will changing that setting also effect the balance the mobile app shows? I am someone who has an awful short term memory so I don't always have my running balance just off the top of my head. If I am out somewhere and want to do a spur of the moment purchase but I know I just paid some bills, like my gas/electric, that don't post to my bank account right away I would like to be able to open my mobile app and see an accurate balance that takes into account those recent transactions. ie, the ending balance.
    • So I changed it from current to ending balance but nothing changed. I have three accounts and the dollar amounts for all three stay the same regardless of what balance i have it set too. I have 4 pending transactions for my checking account but the balance doesn't reflect any of them. ;-/
    • I don't think Q can show you pending or scheduled transactions from your banking activity. It can only show you what is already in Q.  Why can't you visit your bank site for that info? Also don't you have Telephone banking? BTW: I am not at all familiar with mobile banking but I don't see how MB could give you pending or processing info from your bank; does't it only reflect data in Q?
    • I'm not sure why showing pending transactions wouldn't be possible. If those pending transactions show in my account then why wouldn't they download with the rest of the transactions when I do a one step update? I can certainly log into my banks mobile site but isn't part of the point of having mobile apps like Quickens that you can see your finances on the fly? If I have to log into Wells Fargo to see my balance then that defeats a big part of the purpose of using Quickens app. The same goes for telephone banking. Yes, I can call a Wells Fargo rep but isn't the advent of mobile banking supposed to make banking easier? If I still need to make a phone call to get my current balance then what is the point of having a mobile app? In regards to your last comment mobile banking, at least in my mind, can show your pending transactions one of 2 ways. By downloading your account info as Quicken does and my manually imputing transactions although the latter method won't actually show when it's processed at your bank until you download an update via Quicken.
    • zep,    As I said in my earlier post, I must confess to being completely illiterate on mobile banking. Hope someone will come in and address this for you. I really don't even know the objective of MB if it's not to reveal the same info as in Q. I bow to greater authority. Ron
    • Ty Ron. I appreciate the input. I was hoping more would respond. Maybe even someone from Intuit to offer a specific solution but it appears they either don't monitor this board or don't care enough to provide help to its customers. Didn't used to be this way.

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