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How do I re-install Quicken online backup on Windows 8?

I purchased the online backup when I purchased a new computer with windows8.  I made the mistake of upgrading to windows8.1, which caused all sorts of disconnects from sites I usually use.  In order to remove 8.1, I had to reset my computer.  This removed all the files on my computer.  I've been able to put everything back except for the Quicken online backup.  I receive an error message about windows registry and told to logon as administrator.  However, I am logged on as administrator.

I'm assuming this issue centers on windows8 since everything I can gather from Quicken web sites is referring to windows 7, or earlier platforms.

Any help would be appreciated
    • I've been through these screens with no help.  I can't even get a contact for Quicken support, just keeps going through the same loops.
    • Neither of these links provides any guidance to the Windows 8 question or any way to obtain additional information
    • If you have problems with online backup you need to contact Support for online backup (using the second link I already posted). You are just talking to other users here.

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