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Why the new sign in with Intuit ID? Not using mobile.

Used Quicken 2014 several times to dowload bank transactions to PC.  No problem.  Today can not open bank transactions.  Says to "Sign in with your Intuit ID".  Have not set up mobile banking and do no plan to.  Need work around.  Do not want to use cloud.
  • after downloading Q2014 I get this blue Intuit sign in page, that is distorted.  cannot sign in.  it stops my use of Q totally and I have reverted to 2011 (3 times).  Any solution for getting through the blue barrier?
  • No idea what the blue barrier might be. Can you post a screen capture? You'll have to use an Answer rather than a Comment to do so.

If you do not like the new mandatory Intuit ID, I encourage you to log your feedback regarding the Intuit ID on the Quicken feedback site:
  • And to add insult to injury you can only comment on that link if you sign in with social media or some other ID! As customers shouldn't we be able to log in with our Intuit credentials? More annoyances!
  • This is sort of an ironic thread.

    If you ask Intuit why it has gone to push the "Intuit Id" I'm sure you will find the answer is to provide users with one Id to do everything instead of having to have one for each site (as was done in the past).  And now that they are pushing that, there is the "why should have to use it for this or that".

    BTW when the GetSatisfaction site first came out we asked if they could make it so that we could use our Quicken user forum Id instead of creating a new one, and they did check and it was not possible.  GetStat software comes from another company and as such it just couldn't be done.  So their choices were to make people have another Id or not use the software, and they really didn't want to spend more money developing their own site, so there it is.

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