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Irritating problems with Quicken 2014 and Windows 8.1

I have some very irritating situation happening with Quicken 2014 and Windows 8.1 The menu bar displays 2 text lines, one which is somewhat hidden but show when pointing the mouse to the name. The font size under account list is small size and when I change to Use Large font  it will become very large and when I uncheck it the font size under account list is normal.
  • After the window grows beyond about 2/3's of my screen size, the entire window below the title bar is just made up of a gray and blue rectangle. And when it's small enough of a window that it draws, the fonts are all either too small or too large to fit in their respective cells.
  • I use Quicken H&B 2010 with Windows 8.1 and it works flawlessly.  Thus, the problem must be unique to Quicken 2014 or your Windows 8.1 Desktop Settings.  Right click the Desktop and click on Screen Resolution.    Then click on "Make Text and Other Items Larger or Smaller."  You get a choice of 100%, 125%, !50% and 200%.  I use 125%.
    Try that with Quicken 2014.

    Quicken may base its non-register fonts on your desktop.
  • The desktop settings are correct but I wonder about the non-registered fonts. How do I check that?
  • Helga's original description of the font problem with Q 2014 on 8.1 is exactly what I experience using new Yoga 2 Pro. Neither font size setting fixes the problem...only swaps the issue. Unusable in current display. Is there a fix??
  • I have Quicken 2014 Deluxe....worked fine with Windows 8.0 but when 8.1 came out,,,,, my Quicken 2014 is DOA......won't even start.......have been told by a tech guy the problem is that Windows switched from Net Dot 2 to Net Dot 4 and Quicken wasn't ready for is not compatible.  I talked to Quicken tech support yesterday and they told me they are working on a patch ..... but they are not far enough along to even offer an ETA at this point.  So in the meantime I am without the use of Quicken 2014.....that I just upgraded to less than 2 months ago.......
  • Actually, Microsoft Net Framework 4.51 is the latest version and many programs need to see it among the installed programs.  Now it is NOT part of the installed programs but is included as part of Windows 8.1.

    Perhaps, this is related to your problem.  Windows 8.1 made lots of changes from 8.0.

    I had been using WD SmartWare to backup in 8.0 and it started skipping the backup of the Quicken data file after I upgraded to 8.1.  I isolated the problem to the fact that Clipmate (a clipboard extender) was running all the time and caused the Net Framework program to not interact properly with the backup software.  Now I exit Clipmate before the backup starts and everything works fine.

    If you have clipmate running, perhaps you should exit it when you run Quicken 2014.  It does not interfere with my running of Quicken 2010.  Try it and see if that helps your problem.
  • Didn't situation is that I click the Quicken icon....the normal Red start screen pops up for a split second....and then it disappears......will not start.....Quicken Tech support has worked with me......and a 2nd party tech company also looked it all over........according to both I am SOL until Intuit creates a patch for this issue......the 2nd party tech guy said his company has been flooded with requests for help with this exact same issue.....Quicken 2014 working fine on Win 8.0....but as soon as it updated to Win 8.1 the program is I was assured I was not a loner on this one.  Even got an e-mail from Quicken Tech Support asking me if I could take a call Mom - Wed to discuss this issue......could not gty that I would be called but they were making those calls........never called me.....just hoping a patch is ready soon........looks like that is the only way this gets fixed...oddly enough I haven't noticed any other program that I have on my desktop that was effected in any way by the Win 8.1 upgrade......only Quicken.
  • Try this in Windows 8.1.  Right click on the Taskbar.  Then click Properties \ Navigation.  Check off that, under Start Screen to go to the Desktop rather than the Start Screen when you sign in or close an app.

    I had to do that for some of my programs since the Windows 8.1 Start Screen has a different way of functioning than the Desktop.  Quicken may have to be patched to do that without you changing the Properties on the Taskbar.

    Quicken may be opening and then trying to attach to the Start Screen which may force it to close.

    I don't know if this will help you.  However, if it does, post it back here as an Answer rather than as a Comment so others will benefit.  It appears that Windows 8.1 has really made dramatic changes from Window 7 and 8.0.  Lots of software packages will probably have to be updated now to function properly.

    The different way that Net Framework is implemented in Windows 8.1 may also be affecting lots of software which used to depend on that module.  It is now part of Windows 8.1 and not a separate unit.
  • Thank You.....I'll give it a try
  • My last answer is for bobby right above this post, not the original poster.  It seems two threads have joined into one here.  Maybe a Moderator could split the bobby part and the Helga part.
  • That is why the SuperUsers will tell the person to ask their own question instead of answering a different question on the same thread.  It is too hard to follow.  And would take the manual intervention of the moderator in way too many threads.
  • I recommend that bobby starts his own thread and take further discussion there.
  • I'll remember that in the future.  Thanks.
To eliminate the DPI scaling in windows 8.1, .

Right click on the Quicken icon select -> properties ->Compatibility and check the box
"disable the scaling on high DPI settings"

  • Thanks dcwool2.  That is a very good suggestion.

    I notice this is in Windows 7 too.
  • I notice that one can also select on that pane an option to run Quicken in Windows 7 compatibility mode.  Those having problems like scanning and other things under Windows 8.1  may want to try running Quicken that way.

    It may even stop the crash problems folks are having with Quicken 14 under Windows 8.1

    Also, thanks dclwool2, I may use that solution with other software as well.
  • It most likely would not help it the case of scanner/printer problems.
    The reason why these crop up as problems the most often on a new operating system is the drivers are wrong.  Because drivers are basically part of the operating system you can't run them in any kind of compatibility mode, you have to have the right ones to match your operating system/printer/scanner.
  • Regarding Helga's DPI scaling issue that I also faced, dcwool2 provided an excellent solution in this thread. Thanks!  BTW I was also impressed that a pop-up appeared in my Quicken program to confirm that the Properties change had resolved my problem.
  • Checking the box next to "disable the scaling on high DPI settings" helped and I thank you for the suggestion. The font size in the account list is now normal.
    It did not change the double menu bar. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • With my tests the double menus come up with a high DPI setting, and I guess disabling the scaling just doesn't affect one of those menus.  The higher the DPI setting the more of the second menu you can see.  So basically I don't know of any fix for this other then lowering the DPI setting.

    BTW what is happening here is that Quicken actually creates its own menu to cover the standard one.
    This is probably related to the Standard/Classic menus.
  • I changed the DPI setting and it did not eliminate the double menu. This is very puzzling and I hope that Quicken will soon come up with a fix. It does not cause any problems other than there is a hidden menu bar.
  • Tried the fix.  Double menu continues plus the register displays twice as big.  Mostly unusable for me.
  • rcmcdougall is correct in my opinion but my presumption is that an upcoming Quicken update will tweak those instabilities. Sounds like 8.1 and high res screens threw Quicken for a loop.
  • Oof now my Quicken 2014 won't open at all on my Yoga 2 Pro with 8.1. Windows calls it an incompatible program....
Nice try Baldy49, but you can not compare Quicken 2010 to Quicken 2014.
Starting in Quicken 2012 they put in "Use Large Fonts" and that changed the game.

In Quicken 2011 and below if you used a DPI setting of anything other then 100%/smaller/normal. There were a few parts of Quicken that most people wouldn't notice that mess up, but once they started doing their own scaling (which is what Use Large Fonts is, to scale everything in Quicken by 125%), the problems that you will get with a DPI setting of other then 100%/smaller/normal, are much greater.

This problem is getting more common as people have screens with much higher resolutions where they resort to using the DPI setting so they can see things.
And from what I understand Windows 8.1 will even raise the DPI setting automatically on a super high resolution screen.
Not to mention the people that are running Quicken Windows on a Mac in a virtual machine on a "retina" screen.  They have to learn how to change how the VM is doing the scaling.

Please see this:
FAQ: Font size problems. - Quicken Community

  • Thanks for that information.  I use a 24" LCD Monitor with Windows 8.1 and 125% for my text size on the desktop.  What you said is one more reason I may never change from Quicken H&B 2010.  Its just too good.  I may keep it until I die or get too old to operate a PC.

    Quicken 2010 was better than all prior versions and now it appears more solid than all future versions to date.

    Maybe Intuit should try to market the "old" Quicken 2010 and see if they get lots of buyers for it.  They may be pleasantly surprised especially now that Windows 8.1 is out.
  • The problem with marketing old versions of Quicken (and it has certainly been suggested and rejected many of times), is that people don't get that it comes at a big cost and the costs get higher and higher the older the version is that they support.  When people say they want support they are not like you that only want manual entry.  They want their downloading of transactions.  They want support for whatever operating system Microsoft comes out with.  As time goes on changes you can't see are being made to the servers and the protocols and such and they need the program to change with it or have to maintain all kinds of old servers/protocols.  On top of that sit here for a while and try telling people how to do different things in different versions and remember all the details of what is different.  The support people would have to remember this and the developers would have to remember even more details.

    The older the version of Quicken the more likely that you will have less and less people using it, so that in fact drives up the support costs.
  • I have to congratulate you super users.  some of these problems are tough to solve.  I've tried and missed a few solutions.  Maybe I solved some others like the Quicken sounds.  Its a real challenge to solve some problems.


I set my resolution to 1280 x 1024 at 75 Hz for all my programs including Quicken 2010 H&B.  My recommended resolution is 1920 x 1200 but it caused all kinds of problems in lots of other programs including being able to read their fonts.

Maybe give it a shot and report back if the double menu bar disappeared.

I use Windows 8.1 by the way.

  • Not sure why this would fix my problem ---- Quicken 2014 not starting up at all in Win 8.1 ,,,, I'll give it a try..... seems like both of my Gateway monitors are set to 1440 x 900 now.

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