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quicken 2014 some accounts not updating

After upgrading to Quicken 2014 Deluxe, all online accounts except 2 credit card accounts update. The others say "Quicken is unable to establish an internet connection" which makes no sense since all the other accounts update. I've already spent several hours online with Chat help when none of the accounts would update, and I thought it was solved, but apparently not for 2 accounts. BTW, the window showing an error in downloading was supposed to pop up, but it didn't, so beware. I had no idea downloading wasn't working for those accounts for 2 weeks.
  • Tried Resetting both Accounts. No Help.
  • BTW, the Summary will show up if you have unchecked Show Just The Last Update and have checked Show Only If There Are Errors (options displayed at the bottom of the Summary).

    Questions about your current error state:
    What financial institution?
    How does Quicken connect to these accounts - Direct Connect OR Express Web Connect? (Tools > Account List > Edit Account > Online Services tab will provide this information)
    What is the exact error displayed in Tools > One Step Update Summary?

    Please use Reply at right to respond.
  • Thanks for getting back to me. The red error message in the Summary says "Quicken is unable to establish an internet connection" for the two accounts which are a Capital One Credit Card and a Chase Credit Card set up through Express Web Connect.
  • There should be a CC- number associated with the error. The CapOne account may show CC-506, for example, due to a recent change they made. The Chase account may show CC-502, or CC-503, or some other error specific to your account.
    Do you see any CC error number for either of these accounts?
    Do you see a Try Again or More Info button for either of these accounts in the error message?
  • For both accounts, there is a greyed out CC-889 and no try again or more info buttons

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