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Capital One transactions do not download to my quicken

My bank and other credit card transactions transfer to my quicken fine. I am only unable to download info from CapitalOne and the two accounts with Federal Credit Union.
  • I am having the same problem, only the one cc company was bought by Cap One but I am having trouble with both of them and can't import transactions as it gives me error  OL 220 A
  • To both of you.....Please hit Reply and give us more details like Quicken version and computer operating system.
  • quicken 2014 and windows 7
  • clintonlarson170, your account was most likely one of the former HSBC accounts that CapOne recently acquired, and only CapOne can resolve your OL-220 error when importing a QFX you download from their website.  Only the financial institution has access to their servers, something that's necessary to correct their malformed QFX data.
  • I just spoke with CapOne and they pointed me back to Quicken. I have not been able to delete the CapOne account information in an attempt to re-establish on line services.
  • I'll add my 2 cents. I am having the same problem. HSBC site worked fine until November 1. The instructions sent by Quicken did not work. I get "Capital One GM Card download error [OL-220-A] since November 1st bank profile change" error.
    I really don't care if it is Quicken's or Capital One's problem. Please talk to each other and get it fixed.
  • I opened a chat session with quicken support today to provide the requested logs. The chat agent was not interested in the logs and did not understand the issue.
  • OL 220 comment
    Seems that Quicken and Capital one does not want to accept responsibility to corredct the download problem.
    As a  program user I seem to be caught between these two entities.
    Is this a copy of what the federal government is doing to us program purchasers and or taxpayers.
    HOW about talking to each other and resolving this problem.
  • I have exactly the same problem. On 11/16 I called the GM card support and they said that they are aware that it is their problem and that they are working on a fix but have no timeline for completion. They said I should just keep trying. I tried today, 11/21 and it is still broken.
  • For what it's worth.  When viewing my most recent GM Card statement, I noticed an opportunity to take a survey.  Part of this survey ask about problems or concerns with Capital One.  Perhaps this is another way to let Capital One know that all is not right in Doodyville.

Using Quicken 2013, I was able to use this workaround from pkmooreman to download from capital one my monthly statement.  I tried to break it down with more detail to help others:

Open Quicken

Click on edit tab




click on "give me the option of saving file whenever I download web connect data"

Log into your capital one account and click to download your latest statement as you normally would.  After doing so, in Quicken, you should see a window that says "Downloading web connect data"

Select "Save the transactions in a file for later processing[you will be prompted for a file name]"

I named it "HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A." and saved it in my Quicken folder.  I suspect the file name and location don't matter.  The first time I downloaded, it was 2 KB.  I repeated the download, overwriting the original file with the same name and it was 13 KB.  The larger file was the one I needed.  Not sure why this happens, just go with it.

Go to the file you just saved and right click on it.  You need to click "open with", and select Notepad or a similar text reader/editor.  I'm sorry, but I may have missed a step here, so after right clicking on the file name, you need to figure out how to open with a text editor like Notepad.

Once the file is opened in Notepad, click Ctrl F which will open a "Find what" field.  Type in Capital One.  It should take you to text that looks like this:
<ORG>Capital One Partner Card Services</ORG>

Replace the "Capital One Partner Card Services" with "HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A.", save and close the file.

Close Quicken.

Double click on the file you just saved.  Quicken will automatically open and when the "Downloading web connect data" window opens, select "Have Quicken process these transactions now"


If all went well, your transactions should be imported.


Good luck.


Below is pkmooreman's original description, which helped me through my crisis:

I have also experienced this problem.  I am using Quicken Home & Business 2013 and download my GM Card transactions from Capital One using Web Connect.  I began experiencing the problem on 11/1/2013 after completing the proceedure provided by Capital One.

After examining the various log files it appeared to me that the process was failing at the <ORG> tag, so I saved a .QFX file to my computer and edited it to change the <ORG> from "Capital One Partner Card Service" to "HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A.".  After saving the file I double clicked on it which will start Quicken and was able to import the transactions into my GM Card account.

This is obviously not a fix, but allows me to continue to download transactions until someone accepts responsibility for the problem.

NOTE: In order to save the .QFX file to your computer, you must change your preferences under Settings --> Web Connect.  Check the box next to "Give me the option of saving to a file whenever I download Web Connect data"

  • Yes! It worked for me. I had to download the file 3 times and import it twice but it all came across. I agree it is a pain in the A__ but it works. It just proves to me it is Quicken's problem and are either to inept or real don't care to fix it. The interesting part is I tried to create a new account so I could merge them together and it won't let me do that.
  • By the way, I am using Quicken 2012 Premier. Release R 7 (
  • Thank you, this work around allowed the data to be added to my GM Card register in Quicken Premier 2012, R7. Hopefully the powers to be can apply a patch to automate this process for the paying customers who use their services!
  • Followed the suggested instructions above.
    Received an error message  [ OL220 ]
  • Nick,
    You need to follow the direction exactly. I cut and pasted HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. in the down loaded file. Also, I pasted the file to my desk top, so file location isn't an issue. Be sure you use a text editor. Programs like word add unseen code to your save.
This worked for me - Login via, update security questions - there used to be 3 and now there are 5.  If the account password has not been reset in the last 90 days, I recommend resetting  the account password.  Logout and test access.  Open Quicken, 'deactivate' the online setup for your capital one account, and then re-enter the 'activate one step' username and password.  Good luck.   

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