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new computer - quicken 2011 windows 7 to 8.1

I am using Quicken Home & Business 2011 on windows 7.0. I do have the Cd. I would like to load onto my new tablet which runs Windows 8.1. I would then like to upgrade to Quicken 2014.

I have tried to load the 2011 program on the new tablet using an external cd drive but it did not automatically install and I did not know how to troubleshoot the installation. I have read other questions on the forum but have not found out if this is compatible and how to install 2011on windows 8.1.

Thank you for any help on this!!

  • Which version of Windows 8.1 are you running?  If you are running Windows RT 8.1, you cannot run desktop applications on it.
  • No. It is not RT.  I have office and am able to run desktop applications. Thank You.
  • OK.  When you say it did not automatically install, you mean nothing happened when you inserted the CD?  If that is the case you can manually browse the CD with Windows Explorer and launch the setup program by double-clicking it.
You can contact Quicken support for a replacement download link to install the Quicken 2011 program. You can download & install the Quicken program on three different computers as per the license agreement.
  • Thank you. This worked for me. My external DVD turned out to be  the issue and the link was the perfect answer. Quicken 2011works well in windows 8.1.

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