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How do I send an invoice via email?

When I try to send an invoice by email I get the response "Mail system support is not available" What do I need to do the be able to directly email my invoice to a customer? I don't want to have to download/copy and paste to clipboard.
    What kind of Windows version are you running? XP, Vista, 7?
    The "default mail program" in my Windows Vista system was Windows Mail until I changed it to MS Office Outlook 2007.
    I suspect you may have to do this for your system, too ... go into the Control Panel. In Vista, then select "Default Programs" and choose Outlook as the default program to open up for any email requests from any other applications. In Windows 7, it should be similar.

    If you still cannot make it work, click on the words "Quicken Support" on top this webpage and start a chat with Support. Give them the details about your version of Windows, what Email software you have installed and the error message from Quicken ... one never knows, but they might have an answer ...
    And, if you get it resolved, please come back and post a comment here on what the problem was and how to resolve it ...
      To send an invoice via email, Quicken uses the "default email program" installed on your PC: Windows Mail or Outlook or ...
      This program must be configured with your email credentials and be set up to send and receive mail from your ISP.
      • So I have set up my outlook express to have the same pop and imap settings but Quicken is still saying "mail support system is not available" what is the deal?

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