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Sync problems with Quicken 2014?

I upgraded to Quicken 2014 with the hope that the Sync to the Cloud had been fixed -not! Everything appeared to be correct until today and the duplicate split entry problem came up on a transaction when I tried to accept a matched download. Quicken identified splits that did not have a category entry. There where duplicate splits which made that transaction correct but the total for that category was in error and it was a tax related item. I generated a report for entries that did not have a category entered and was able to fix the errors.  I unlinked from the cloud and will not try again until I do not see questions about Sync. Has anyone been able to use sync without errors?
  • Same issue with duplicate splits in 2014 that appeared fixed in my 2013 Quicken Home and Business.  Also when I sync to mobile it creates this issue  Quicken found a damaged scheduled reminder and removed it.  Please check your scheduled reminders by going to Tools>Manage Bills and Income Reminders.  Running validate fixes it until I sync agai.  I am not impressed Quicken
  • rejahn - it's very possible that your issue with mobile sync creating duplicate splits is tied to the damaged Reminder(s) in your file. There is a possible solution that has multiple steps to perform. To prevent hijacking this Question with a process that will not resolve the OPs question, please start a New Question, provide the details of your problem along with your version of Quicken & the release (ex: 2014 R3).  Once that's done, we can give you the steps to take to try to resolve your data-specific issue. Thanks!
  • I am having issues with syncing too.  All was fine until a couple of days ago.  I uploaded the log files on the Quicken 2013 support page regarding this issue (although this is with Quicken 2014).  Or is the beta site still the best place for beta testers to report bugs?
  • Quicken 2014 Home & Business r3 is the version I am using.  Posted about this in a different post As requested before I saw the reply link here.  Awaiting an answer here or there from Quicken
  • Tamara, I sent the log files to support and will wait for their response. Thank you for your assistance. I know that most if not all questions on this forum are from users with a problem and those not having a problem will not be in the forum. Thank you again.
So, been an Intuit customer for over 10 years I believe.  Quicken, Quickbooks, TurboTax. I really don't know why since over the last few years I have not been able to install without problems or use the programs as advertised.  Was using Quicken 2011 and was dealing with the by now familiar quirks around things that didn't quite work right.  Decided to upgrade to 2014 primarily for mobile.  What the hell was I thinking.  Right out of the box I am receiving the server side error when I try to use the mobile features. The very feature I was hoping to use. I guess I should have read the many posts about this problem going back at least to Quicken 2013 and some well over a year old.  I have yet to find one which was closed out with a positive result. I have spoken with customer support, sent in my logs as requested and am waiting. And of course no acknowledgement of the submission. Unfortunately, I am also getting more and more frustrated.  Some responses to this problem on these forums suggest that the problem is quite variable with no common issue to fix it overall.  I am not a programmer, but from a systems point of view this is frightening.  Multiple issues with multiple causes with the same result says the system is unstable and poorly cludged together.  This is particularly alarming since this was an issue in the previous version and it has been carried over to this version.  And I have not had problems in any way like this (or the ones I have had with other Intuit products) from the hundreds of software programs I have used over the years. Well, I believe I have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, so if it is not fixed by then, back it goes and the tweets, Facebook posts and complaint site postings will begin.
    bill78759: If you have not already done so, please collect the OFX, Sync + Connlog files from Help > Log Files in Quicken, zip them together, then to Contact Quicken Support.  Without factual data to try to determine the root cause of your issue, we won't be able to make any program or server side changes to resolve this for you and all customers who experience this issue.

    In answer to your question, Yes...there are many people successfully using mobile sync. You most likely won't find many of them posting Questions, as this is a site where Quicken Users go for help when something goes wrong. By nature, you'll usually only see the problems when visiting a Support site.

    rejahn: I'll be Answering you on your Question on this topic - for the benefit of future readers of this post.

    BMG: As a Beta Tester, you have a limited time to submit directly through the project site before we close it down in preparation for the next test. If you have not already done so, you might want to get those logs and details posted over there, then also make a Topic in the Product Discussions Forum with the BR number.  I'll be closing that site over the Thanksgiving week-end, so if you don't get the BR submitted there, your only other option will be to go through Quicken Support (following the same instructions as bill78759).

    For Future Readers:

    The original question has some confusing cross-statements that may need clarification.
    1. Matching Transactions does not occur during Mobile Sync, but is part of the Online Banking process within the Quicken Desktop file. You cannot Match downloaded transactions in the Mobile App.
    2. If you manually created transactions in the Mobile App, performed a Mobile Sync in the Desktop file, then later performed an Online Banking download and are matching those transactions, it's still in the Desktop file and that's where the attention should be focused.
    3. If a Mobile Sync results in duplicate or deleted split lines from a previously downloaded & accepted transaction, we would need the OFX, Sync and Connlog files (see the response to bill78759) and the details of the transaction(s) affected - Date, Payee, Amount and the Category split lines prior to the problem with sync. Your fastest solution will be to Restore Backup from prior to the sync. If you're going to contact Quicken Support with logs, just make sure you save them (and the transaction details) before you restore that backup. Once you restore, you'll remove any data necessary to determine root cause & resolve this issue.
    4. When new Split lines are added to a transaction, but the original lines with amounts are still there (just the Categories are affected), you may find that the transaction total is correct while the Category value on each line is incorrect. If this only affected one or two transactions, you may prefer to correct the individual line values and remove the blank amount rather than Restore a backup.
    • Tamara I did what you suggested (actually just after I posted this and I will let you know the BR over there which I hadn't done).
    • Tamara, I am sorry my question was not clear. I know that matching transactions occurs in Quicken when updates of transactions from a source (bank, etc) are matched to transactions manually entered into Quicken. The duplicate splits appeared to come from the Sync process and are discovered when the match of transactions downloaded from the bank did not match with transactions in Quicken. That is the way the duplicate splits are found and that is the problem - the transactions have the correct value but the categories are in error. I look forward to the response from support (see my comment in this thread) to know what is wrong.
    It seems there is a pretty simple cure although it's not a perfect answer - which is to reset the data, a new feature in Quicken 2014.

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