Sync problems with Quicken 2014?

I upgraded to Quicken 2014 with the hope that the Sync to the Cloud had been fixed -not! Everything appeared to be correct until today and the duplicate split entry problem came up on a transaction when I tried to accept a matched download. Quicken identified splits that did not have a category entry. There where duplicate splits which made that transaction correct but the total for that category was in error and it was a tax related item. I generated a report for entries that did not have a category entered and was able to fix the errors.  I unlinked from the cloud and will not try again until I do not see questions about Sync. Has anyone been able to use sync without errors?


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So, been an Intuit customer for over 10 years I believe.  Quicken, Quickbooks, TurboTax. I really don't know why since over the last few years I have not been able to install without problems or use the programs as advertised.  Was using Quicken 2011 and was dealing with the by now familiar quirks around things that didn't quite work right.  Decided to upgrade to 2014 primarily for mobile.  What the hell was I thinking.  Right out of the box I am receiving the server side error when I try to use the mobile features. The very feature I was hoping to use. I guess I should have read the many posts about this problem going back at least to Quicken 2013 and some well over a year old.  I have yet to find one which was closed out with a positive result. I have spoken with customer support, sent in my logs as requested and am waiting. And of course no acknowledgement of the submission. Unfortunately, I am also getting more and more frustrated.  Some responses to this problem on these forums suggest that the problem is quite variable with no common issue to fix it overall.  I am not a programmer, but from a systems point of view this is frightening.  Multiple issues with multiple causes with the same result says the system is unstable and poorly cludged together.  This is particularly alarming since this was an issue in the previous version and it has been carried over to this version.  And I have not had problems in any way like this (or the ones I have had with other Intuit products) from the hundreds of software programs I have used over the years. Well, I believe I have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, so if it is not fixed by then, back it goes and the tweets, Facebook posts and complaint site postings will begin.
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