Quicken 2014: Possible bug - Wrong downloaded posting dates

I am on QW 2014 and I have observed what I believe to be a problem and I am wondering if others have noticed the same behavior.  

Background:  I have the "downloaded posting date" column enabled on my checking account through Suntrust Bank.  I have been using it for the past few versions of Quicken and never noticed any problems.  I manually enter ALL transactions by hand, ALWAYS, and then download transactions from my bank and the match them.  In QW 2014, the posting dates sometime appear on a transaction in the register(often the wrong posting date) and the transaction is marked cleared as soon as the transaction is downloaded from the bank.  Even though I have "automatically accept downloaded transaction" turned off.  The funny thing is that the downloaded transaction is listed in the "downloaded transactions" window at the bottom of the screen with the correct posting date.  As soon as I click "accept" on the downloaded transaction it will change the "downloaded posting date" column (although it is confusingly listed as just "posting date") to the correct posting date listed on my banks website.  I found this behavior rather peculiar, but nothing major to worry about....  Until today when I discovered other discrepancies with downloaded posting dates.

Actual Problem:  I received an ACH deposit of $11184 as a pending transaction on Saturday, Oct 19th.  The transaction didn't actually clear my account until Monday, the 21st of Oct.  I downloaded my transactions from Suntrust through direct connect on the 22nd of Oct.  All of the previous listed behavior in the "background" section above was observed and the correct posting date was placed on my $11184 deposit.....  No big deal, until today I was looking at that transaction to add an attachment and noticed the "Downloaded posting date" was now Oct 18th, a full day before the transaction actually hit my account.  I immediately checked the "posting date" by right clicking the transaction, holding control, then left clicking "copy transaction".  The posting date was listed as Oct 21st, as it should have been.  I then clicked on "help"- "log files" - "ofx log" and then saved a copy of that as a txt file.  I then did a search for the $11184 transaction and verified the following "<DTPOSTED>20131021120000".  Which to me means,  <date posted> Oct, 21st, 2013.  I then started looking at other random transactions and found many of them to have the downloaded posting date to be off by two-three days.  I have verified the date/time on all my computers and ran a validate on the file.  Everything else seems to be operating in what I have grown to accept as a normal state.  I have ran both a validate and a super validate on a backup copy of my file with zero errors detected.

Question: Soooo....  anyone else seeing discrepancies in the "downloaded posting date"  column?   Is there a possible way to have my posting dates go back to the correct date? Again, the correct dates are listed by right clicking the transaction, holding control, then left clicking "copy transaction".


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I keep my Quicken file in Dropbox so I have hundreds of backups going back 30 days.  So I decided try and track down exactly what happened and when the dates changed.  It took a while but I have discovered more problems than I originally thought.  

Oct 22nd, 2013 @12:31am
All transactions are normal, they have the manual dates that I put in, and the transactions in question have no downloaded posting dates and no hidden posting date because I have not done a one step update.  Older transactions have some recently discovered downloaded posting date issues, but for this investigation I am going to stick to the deposit discussed above.

Oct 22nd, 2013 @12:41pm 
Opened my file and executed a one step update and the transaction in question was updated with the correct downloaded posting date and the  correct hidden posting date of OCT 21st, 2013.  The transaction was manually entered with a date of Oct 19th, 2013.

Oct 22nd, 2013 @12:54pm
Had closed my file and revisited it, and the downloaded posting date had changed from the 21st to the 20th.  The hidden posting date stayed with the correct date of the 21st.

Oct 22nd, 2013 @17:24pm
 No change, all is the same as last time.

Oct 23rd, 2013 @9:44am
The next five backed up files were all unchanged from the previous status.  Did a one step update for today with nothing worthy of reporting

Oct  23rd, 2013 @10:45am
The transaction changed from a downloaded posting date of the 20th, down to the 19th with no discernible reason as to why.  I also noticed several other transactions that had their downloaded posting date decrease by one day.

Fast forward to today Oct 29th, 2013 @10:00pm
The $11184 transaction(the one I have been tracking this whole time) now has a downloaded posting date of Oct 17th.  Again, no discernable reason why it would change.

I can't find any reason why this happening...  it's not tied to any one transaction nor a single financial institution or account type.  The downloaded posting date seems to decrease by one every day.  I can't seem to force it to happen, it just shows up that one.  All files pass validation and super validation without error.

Hope this helps,
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