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all accounts at my Navy Federal CU update normally except for the credit card acct.

Card was deactivated and replaced with a different number several days ago?

Due to fraudulent transactions, my credit card was canceled and replaced with a different number. Is that why Q won't update that one of the 5 accts? If so, How do I fix that?
    Yes, that is the reason this credit card will not update.

    You will need to deactivate the CC in Quicken, update the account number and then activate it for downloads again, since NFCU uses the Express Web Connection method.

    To do that, open your Account List in Quicken and select the account, then click the Edit button to open Account details.

    Select the Online tab and click the Deactivate button, afterwards select the General tab and change the account number.

    Activate the account for downloads again from the Online tab.

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