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How do I fix the EWC-DC mismatch?

I upgraded from a problem free 2009 to 2012. Kept getting the message described and followed the steps in Quicken support. Now I can't download transactions from my bank.
  • I just want to upload my credit card (spirit airlines) not any other accounts
  • I keep getting the error after I try to download that says go to ewc-dc mismatch , I don't know what I am to do now that i'm here.
  • Start by clicking on the link in Quicken Steve's post below - which is where I believe the "error" intended to direct you, rather than to this Community.
I'm not sure which FAQ you followed, but this is the correct one

If those steps do not resolve the issue contact support at We need to gather some log files and see exactly what they say in order to determine next steps.

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